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From: R Bradley <>
Subject: Ulster Genealogical Database update
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 18:17:22 +0100

This is just a brief update on the development of the UGD.

A lively interest has been taken in the Interest List, with some 60
interests recorded within just a few days. My ISP tells me that there is
active interest in the page as demonstrated by his stats file.

The service is not yet properly advertised, I have just registered the site
with yahoo, infoseek and altavista, it will take a few days for registration
to take effect. I can also add metta search words to
the page code which will aide the search engines.

I would like to see further submissions of gedcom files, while this gives me
more work, the added benefit of web pages listing tree structures could be
very useful. You will see two Bradleys listed, one of these is mine own
family line, the other Bradley is related to my line and was identified
purely as a result of gedcom files being available. The goal now is to
establish just how Richard Bradley in Ontario and myself are related. We
have discussed our family background by telephone and are satisfied that we
are connected.

The more gedcom files posted the better the chance of you achieving a
similar result.


Ulster Historical Publications, PO Box 27, Newtownards,
Co Down, BT23 5FF, Northern Ireland.
Mobile 0410 857818

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