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From: Kathy Bates <>
Subject: Re: Web Page stuff
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 09:56:29 -0400

>1) How many times (approximately) have you visited the main page of the web
>site for this list ( since April
About 10 or more
>2) Which counties in Ulster have you established that your families came (or
>most likely came) from?
All I've heard is that they were planted in Londonderry in the early
1600's. Still researching when and where exactly that they lived.
>3) Which counties (or regions) in Scotland have you established that your
>families came (or most likely came) from?
Hearsay states the Argyllshire region although I have no proof.
>4) Which time period are you currently researching (pick one only)?
> (a) 1900-present?
> (b) 1845-1900?
> (c) 1798-1845?
> (d) 1695-1798?
> (e) 1641-1695?
> (f) pre-1640?
>5) Which religious sect does your family predominately relate to (Roman
>Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of Ireland, Covenanter, Seceder, etc.)?
>6) What is/are 5 surnames (surname only) are you most interested in getting
>information on at present?

Thanks, Phil! Looking forward to seeing your completed project!

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