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Subject: Re: Braddock's Road
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 21:16:47, -0500

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Date: Thursday, 17-Jul-97 06:39 PM

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Subject: Re: Braddock's Road

Anelle Kloski wrote:
> >From THE GENESIS OF WESTERN CULTURE by Miller: "The routes by which
> pioneer settlers sought the West were four in number...(two of these
> four were) the most direct lines of communication between the
> eastern ports of entry and the head of navigation on the Ohio at
> Pittsburgh...the more northerly of the two was called the Raystown
> then Forbes' Road, the Pennsylvania Road, and finally, in modern days,
> the Lincoln Highway. The more southerly route became famous as
> Braddock's Road, then as the Cumberland Pike, and later as the
> Pike." He says the other two of the four were tracks which became the
> Genesee Road and the Wilderness Road.
> Anelle McCarty Kloski

The Lincoln Highway became part of United States Highway #40 (aka US40)
and The National Road became US50 when the United States Highway System
was instituted after the "horseless carriage" became extensive. The
Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental highway. There is a
marker in San Francisco, CA which commemorates the completion of the
Lincoln Highway.


Jim Gordon, Laurel, MD USA

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I beg to differ with you when you say the Lincoln Highway became US 40
it didn't Lincoln Highway is and always was US 30. It starts NJ, PA< OH,
IL, IA, NE, WY, UT, NV, CA. When I was a trucker I followed the Lincoln
Hwy from coast, Parts of it today follows I 80

From the Husband of Jeanne Geer

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