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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Apology
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 08:43:09 -0700

Dear Patrick,

I totally agree with you here:
> If one looks at the information without emotion regarding possible
> inflamatory political content, it emphasizes the cruelty and the harsh
> existence of our ancestors in both the old and the new worlds. It is not
> surprising that such cruelty existed; if we are honest, we should be
> able to discuss such information rationally. They say that he who
> forgets the past is condemned to repeat it.

In fact the info about how the MacGregors were treated also was very
interesting. The cruelty to which Irish Catholics were subjected is
fairly well documented -- but not some of the other groups like the
MacGregors. I wonder if anyone can give us more detail on the
did they really keep people as slaves??? Was this just Scots or did
they enslave Irish as well?

The level to which we are all mixed is rather interesting too and it's
certainly help me feel like "one big family". We knew we were mixed.
Some of my ancestors (Kelly) repeatedly suffered discrimination in the
USA for having an Irish surname.

Lastly, please forgive us if we over-react sometimes. Paranoia, as
once pointed out to me, is an "Irish disease".

Linda Merle

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