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Subject: Re: Apology
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 17:40:47 -0400 (EDT)

I understand your outrage and such at what you and I deem to be a sensitive
issue. But you also must understand that some of the Scots and most of the
native Irish were done much the same way... the Irish were taken way beyond
the idea of having no dignity by having their culture stripped and either
sold into white slavery and sent to the Colonies or just murdered out of hand
because they were annoying to those in power.

The native Americans were done away with in the same manner and it still
continues somewhat today.

What about the Hispanic races?

What about the Nisei (the Japanese) who were, at our own government's
request, had to give all that they owned and were put into prison camps just
because they were perceived as a threat?

The Afro-Americans have won their freedom, have kept a lot of their culture
and can contact their "roots" in countries which keep much the same practices
as they were 300 years ago. The slavery was not at the government's request
but at the individual families who "owned" the slaves. I believe that the
apology, if any forthcoming, would be from the descendants of those people,
not the government at large.

An apology to the effect as "we are very sorry... here is some money to
compensate for your ancestor's suffering" would be very unfair to those
other's who have suffered similar indignities.

The recognition of and education about how wrong racism is starts not with
making amends for past wrongs, but with new beginnings and the putting away
of anger.

Even though I am a white male, I was raised by a black father with black
siblings. I understand the oppression... but the oppression also comes from
the black side of things... if you are white, do you feel comfortable
walking through an entirely black neighborhood alone? I feel safe because I
am not racially biased, but culturally proud to be of several distinct races
and cultures.

I am also American, colorless and with a new culture and proud of it.

Thanks for listening! 8 )


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