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Hi Sandra,

That's very interesting. Let us know what you find out about that. It would
be fun to learn the reason that they were "excluded" as you say. It may
have been something to do with the Duke of Sutherland collaborating with the
English at that time. He was hated by the common people, but, perhaps
there's more to the story.


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I am enjoying this conversation about our roots in Scotland. Researching my
lowland Scots, I have learned quite a bit about their situation. Lowland
highland Scots differed greatly in their economic situation. When King
I of England conceived of the Plantation of Ulster, he specifically
the highland Scots from participation. I will have to research further to
discover the reasoning behind this exclusion.

In all of the research I have done in Northern Ireland, I have yet to run
across a Sutherland/Sutherlin. this explains it. All the best, Sandra

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