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Hi Elmer,

Just got back from a week in London at a trade show. Trying to catch up on
emails and found your letter to Robert L. In regards to the reference by
RMS to Philip's coming from Roanoke, and that it not actually being a
designated city until much after he would have left, would it be possible
that he was referring to the Roanoke river valley area, part of which might
have been considered Virginia at the time? Just wondering. Also, as to the
reference to Mary's marriage, wasn't that also Mary's sister's wedding date,
casting question on that actually being Mary's wedding date. That could
explain things if that were ever explained.

Just wondering. Perhaps you've answered this in some of my other emails
that I haven't gotten to, which number 148. I'm going through them as fast
as I can. Robert, I can now appreciate the time that you left for your trip
to Scotland and came back to over 300 emails. Talk to you all soon.


Mark Sutherlin

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> Bob,
> Charles W. Sutherlin was Mark's great grandfather, and Robert M. Sutherlin
> was Mark's grandfather. His letters, charts, etc. are what Mark has
> with us. Robert Montgomery Sutherlin was born 15 Sept 1880 in Wayne Co.,
> He died in 1949 in CA.
> Charles Wesley Sutherlin was son of Isham; s/o Philip. The data on Isham
> conflicting. 1850 Census has him age 45, b. NC. RMS wrote that Isham was
> born 4 March 1804, and somewhere he wrote that Isham was born near
> VA. However Roanoke did not become a city until sometime around the Civil
> War.
> Philip Sutherlin was in the 1800 census of Greenville Dist., SC. Philip's
> son Philip was born 9 Sept. 1802 in SC. Nancy Vest was married in Stokes
> Co., NC in 1807. We are not sure where Philip was living during that
> The father Philip is listed in the 1790 Census of Stokes Co. about 3
> away from William Vest, father of Mary Vest. We do not know if Mary moved
> NC with the other members of the Vest family or remained in VA. Also we
> not know when and where she met Philip, or who fathered her two daughters.
> Elmer
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