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From: "Robert J. Letson" <>
Subject: Re: Charles W. Sutherlin
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 21:01:59 -0700
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Thanks for helping me out. I have no idea why I have 15 Sep 1850 instead
of 15 Sep 1880 as Robert Montgomery Sutherlin's birth date. That clears up
my confusion about who this was.

I still have some concern about the place of the birth of the children of
Philip. Robert's report of the birth in VA fits in better with my
recollection of family conversations about the place of origin of my
Southerlins. I do not recall ever hearing North Carolina.

I feel that there is something strange about the fact that the children of
Philip are recorded as being born in NC, then SC and then NC. And then
Robert reports VA for Isham. Somehow this seems strange to me. It could be
that Robert in reporting where Isham was born was just refering to that
region not to whether or not Roanoke had been established as a city.

Still working on the sites of these people and thanks so much for all the

I need to go back through Robert M's papers to see how things may fit
together better for me now.

Bob Letson

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