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Thanks Gary,

There supposedly was a place in England called Bransfield but the name is supposedly from Ireland? I know there are lots of Bransfields from Ireland. Mine so far are traced from Carbonear in NF Canada then immigrated to Boston, MA.

Do you have a meaning for the name "Furman", may have been "Firman" in the beginning , from England I believe. Mine so far traced back to Delaware, then to Va.

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BRANSFIELD - You've been getting some good advice. BRANN is Celtic for Raven.
BRAN also means raven and sometimes crow. The -FIELD speaks for itself.

'Branwen" the daughter of Llyr (Welsh) <from the Mabinogion>.

There is a chance that it means Brand's Field. Brand would have been a
personal name. I don't know exactly what it means but BRANT means proud
or pompous which was a nickname. In the north of England it meant high or


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