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Subject: Re: [STINNETT] Deed - William Stinnett
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 17:48:22 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Jim,

Well I'm back from town and have been going over just the 1850 census for all Stinnett's in Pope Co., AR as a starting point. I know we have already have done that and I had the census copied but today I tried to look at them fresh and trying to forget what I have seen elsewhere.

I found seven families and if it is OK I will list what the 1850 census shows. As you say Vital dates and places will be hard to trace before this date but even what I see in these 7 families may help a tad.

Let's start with Henry Stinnett. You show Henry married Katherine Griggs Byrd 29 Jul 1832 (recorded in Crawford Co, AR)
The 1850 census doesn't show Henry as he had already died (probation of his probated will in 1846) Listed in the census are Katharine Stinnett age 52, Stephen Byrd age 24 (Is this a son of Katharine's from a previous marriage?), then Mary Ann Stinnett age 15 (born 3 years after marriage to Henry) Catharine age 9 and James age 7. Two farm laborers are also listed. I will look at the list of Henry's other children from his previous marriage later when I can cross reference with his will and what others have.

Second family living two families down from Katharine is Isaac Hensley the husband of Olive Esther Hensley as listed in his will of 1846. She died before the 1850 census.

Third family next door to Isaac Hensley we find John W. Stinnett age 40 born in TN, Camelia age 30 also TN (others gave her a different birthdate and birth place), Elizabeth age 14 (My line) Gilbert age 11, Esther age 9 and Henry age 5.

Fourth family on another page I find a John Stinnett age 21 born TN living with a Young family as a farm laborer. I don't know who he belongs too but I found a Stinnett family listing by a Barbara Young in WorldConnect in RootsWeb. She also has Moses listed in her database.

Fifth I found a MC Stinnet age 23 along with a Martha Stinnet age 21 (MC I believe is Moses Chaney son of Henry as listed in Henry's will)

Sixth I found James Stinnet (brother to Henry?) age 52 born in VA, Nancy 24 TN, Issabelle age 2 and Morris age 13 AR.

The last Stinnett I found in Pope Co., in 1850 was a William LL Stinnet age 7 living with a Bryant family and two doors down from the John Stinnett who was a laborer on the Young farm. Who is this William?

Now I will tackle Henry's children taken from the census and from the will.

Ciao! Sheri

rabbit <> wrote:

Vital dates and places for some of these Stinnetts that died before 1850 are
lacking and much that exists is speculation or at least educated guesses.
There are no Bibles, to my knowledge, and only those with land or important
occupations left any traces - and then sometimes only on a listing for the
locality. Sometimes we can figure out where they were with educated guessing
and comparing the census records. Sometime we can be led astray by more than
one of the same name falling in the same age grouping.

Any listing of children for William Stinnett (1760) is speculation. My list
is based on proximity at given times and places.

I would be very surprised to find that an exact birthdate record exists for
Henry Stinnett. He died before 1850, so the 1850 Census can not be used for
a clue. The 1830 and 1840 Censuses would place him born between 1790 and
1800. Given the ages of his children, 1790 would be about right. His place
of birth could have been VA, NC or TN. If he was the son of William in NC in
1790, it is highly unlikely that he was born in VA.

Henry's children are named in the probation of his probated will in 1846.
Placement was made using the 1850 Census in part and marriage date in part.
Some of the children could be found in 1850.

His children with Esther Chaney/Cheyne were:

Mary (1809) Englebright, John Williams Stinnett (1814), Olive/Olivia Esther
Hensley, Matilda Fort Yarbrough, Melinda Nichols, Mahala Jones or Eaves,
Reuben Lewis Stinnett (1825), Henry C Stinnett, Moses C, and Sina Saphronia
Morren (1828).

John Williams was added by me in the past year or so, because he left a
thumbnail of his life and, though not naming his father, he named his

Henry's children with Katherine Griggs Byrd were:

Mary Ann (1835), Catherine (1840) and James (1842).

It is possible that Mary Ann was born a Byrd and was adopted by Henry, as
some would have it, but Henry married Katherine 29 Jul 1832 (recorded in
Crawford Co, AR), so I do not subscribe to that theory.

Jim Crownover-

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