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Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 08:41:10 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Ann,

I have found several databases that claim William had another wife. Most say first wife UKN or say Ann UKN. But I did find one other, Paul Thurston who named her as Ann Shoemaker with 8 children listed. You can see this at:
Most have opt to not share their sources. With so many only copying others works having sources makes a lot of sense. On many of my lines so much false data is just copied and past on. That is why I really hope to find verifiable evidence too. I am planning a trip to the East Coast passing through many states next Spring and just finding what to look for along the way is part of what I hope to do before I travel. And I plan to pass anything I can document on to others who desire it.

Do you have William listed as Willliam K Stinnett or William B. Stinnett? I see it listed both ways.

Thanks, Sheri

Ann Wilmer <> wrote:
I'm glad to see this. There has been much confusion about which William
Nancy Carter married. I even have a reference to suggest that William
married both Ann Shoemaker and Nancy Carter. Do you have any documentation
to put this to rest. I have not been able to find documentation for the
marriage of my g-g-g-grandparents (William and Ann).

Ann Wilmer

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wrote:Location of William Stinnett - Amherst Co., VA

Hi Phyllis,

Thank you so much for answering about the location of William Stinnett. I am
new to this board and just starting work on my Stinnett line. What I have so
far comes from a cousin who started her work on our family long before
computer days. On the Stinnett line she has not sent me much as far as
sources so for me it is like starting from scratch.

This is what I have from her so far:
1. William King STINNETT was born 1760/65 in Virginia. He married Nancy
CARTER 13 Jul, 1789 in Franklin Co., Virginia. She was born 1750 in Amherst
Co., Virginia . I don't have a date for when he died.

Children of William King STINNETT and Nancy CARTER:

i. 2. Henry Carter STINNETT was born 20 Apr, 1785 in Virginia and died
About 1845 in Pope Co., Arkansas.

ii. James STINNETT was born 1795 in Virginia.

iii. William King STINNETT was born 1802 in Virginia.

iv. Elizabeth STINNETT was born 1812 in Tennessee.

2. Henry Carter STINNETT (William King1) was born 20 Apr, 1785 in Virginia
and died About 1845 in Pope Co., Arkansas. He married 1st Esther CHANEY
(also known as "Chana", "Chayne") 1808 in Northwest Territory. She died
1829 in Dardanelle, Yell Co., Arkansas. He married 2nd Catherine GRIGGS
About 1839 in Arkansas. She was born About 1798 in Kentucky .

Occupation : Magnistrate 1833 in Pope Co., Arkansas 1

Census : 1840 in Dardanelle, Yell Co., Arkansas

Will : 1846 2

Children of Henry Carter STINNETT and Esther CHANEY:

i. 3. John William STINNETT was born 31 Oct, 1810 in Cocke Co., Tennessee
and died Oct 1912 in Comanche Co., Texas.

ii. 4. Olive Esther STINNETT was born About 1812 and died Between 1843 and
1846 in Pope Co., Arkansas3.

3. John William STINNETT (Henry Carter2, William King1) was born 31 Oct,
1810 in Cocke Co., Tennessee and died Oct 1912 in Comanche Co., Texas. He
married Camelia MORSE (alias "Camley4") 6 Aug, 1836 in Pope Co., Arkansas5.
She was born 31 Mar, 1815 in Indiana and died 11 Aug, 1879 in Comanche Co.,

Children of John William STINNETT and Camelia MORSE:

i. 5. Elizabeth C. STINNETT (alias "Fullen") was born 1837 in Pope Co.,
Arkansas and died 26 Apr, 1859 in Comanche Co., Texas.

ii. 6. Gilbert W. STINNETT was born 1839 and died 1914.

iii. Ester STINNETT was born 1841 in Pope Co., Arkansas.

iv. 7. Henry STINNETT was born 1845 in Arkansas.

v. Thomas STINNETT was born 1850 in Arkansas.

vi. Arie STINNETT (alias "Urie") was born 1853 in Arkansas.

vii. William STINNETT was born 1855 in Arkansas.

5. Elizabeth C. STINNETT10 (alias "Fullen") (John William3, Henry Carter2,
William King1) was born 1837 in Pope Co., Arkansas and died 26 Apr, 1859 in
Comanche Co., Texas. She married Willoby Aserie FULLEN11,12 (alias ""Williby
Fullen" and "Willabe Fullen"") 24 Apr, 1851 in Pope Co., Arkansas13.

I do have some sources for John William Stinnett.

If there is a possibility the Will for William Stinnett could be that of my
Willliam King Stinnett born 1760/65 in Virginia then I would love to have a
copy of the Will.

Also if anyone else is working on this line and could help lead me to
sources etc I would love to interact with you.

Thanks so much,

Sheri Burk

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