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From: John Lisle <>
Subject: Re: [STEDMAN] Harry and Mary Edna (Rushlow) Steadman
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 03:32:44 -0500
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NOTHING about researching your family is easy!

That said, I think I have linked your family to a large family that I
have already worked on.

Harry Wilbur Steadman was a son of John Truscan Steadman and his
second wife Susan F. Woodruff.

John Truscan Stedman/Steadman was born in Hartford, Connecticut in
1809 and was living in Ohio before 1832. He moved to Clay Co.,
Indiana in the 1860s and died there about 1890. He married
Susun/Susie Woodruff in Clay County in 1872. I have identified 14
children that he had.

John was a son of David and Rachel Stedman of Connecticut. *somehow*
they link to the New London family, probably of descendants of John
Stedman, b. 1704 New London, s/o John Stedman and Jane Foster. The
problem is that this is the most poorly documented of all of the
early Connecticut Stedman families.

Here is an abstract of an email I received over 10 years ago about this family:

"I am looking for information on the ancestors of John Truscan Stedman, born
3/5/1809 in Hartford, Ct. He was married to Eliza Ann Philips who was born
4/23/1814 also in Hartford. Supposedly the Stedman's were a family of
sailor's descending from Scotland. Apparently John Truscan was the first man
to break that tradition by not becoming a sailor.

"Family lore has it that John's parents were David and Rachel Stedman, both
born in Hartford, David around 1777 and Rachel about 1788. But we have no
info on them. Family lore has it that Rachel's ancestor's were great
supporters of the Revolutionary War and even gave 600 acres of land on which
Hartford was built. Again, I cannot confirm this as I have no family name
for Rachel.

"Family lore also has it that David's grandfather (born about 1736) and his
grandfather's two brothers fought under General George Washington in the
Revolutionary War. The names of Benjamin, Edward and George Stedman were
mentioned in this context, but we don't know which was David's grandfather
or whether the other two names are the brothers or maybe sons..."

"John & Eliza Stedman had 9 natural children and one adopted daughter:
Charles, William Henry, George, Jenetta, Mary, Margaret, Harriet Ann, Eliza
Ellen, Emma Caroline and adopted daughter Mary Ann Colter. All were born in
Zanesville, OH."

Charles (no dates)
William Henry (b 1829; d. Oct 1924 at Cloverland, IN)
George (no dates, but died at Centerpoint, IN)
Jenetta (b. Aug 30, 1852; d. Jan 20, 1924 at Brazil, IN)
Mary (b. Sep 14, 1855; d. Apr 10, 1914 at Brazil, IN)
Margaret (No dates)
Harriet Ann (b. June 23, 1838; d Nov 11, 1849 at Zanesville, OH)
Eliza Ellen (b. Jan 14, 1849; died Mar 1, 1860 at Zanesville, OH)
Emma Caroline (no dates)

John married 2nd wife, Susan Woodruff
They had two children:

Henry Wilbert
George Stedman

---> Your Harry Wilbur Steadman is the son called Henry Wilbert on this list.

"William Henry... writes that he heard his grandfather David tell his
father, John Truscan, that he lost the family bible in a house fire
and that the bible had listed all the Stedman births and deaths for
10 generations back to Scotland and they were from "an unbroken line
of sailors" of which John Truscan broke the tradition by remaining landed."

Part of the problem and the proof of this lineage is the
documentation on his mother.

His father died either before 1889 or in 1893. However, his mother
Susan/Susie F. Woodruff, married William F. Craigmile in 1889 then
married sometime between 1900 and 1910 a Mister Gordon, likely in
Illinois. She was living in Terre Haute in 1920 next door to Harry. I
have not found data on when she died.

Harry married first a Cora Hulen in Vigo Co., IN, in 1915. They had
three children : Charles F Steadman (1916-1979); Ruth May Steadman
(1917-2004); Howard Monroe Steadman (1920-1981). They were divorced
and she died in 1925.

He next married the widow Edna Anna (Rushlow) Boyles (1885-1961);
they had twin sons Arthur Steadman (1926-1994) and Archie Russell
Steadman (1926-2000). Harry died about 1955, but I cannot find any
definitive record of his death.

Please not that her name is Edna Anna, not Mary Edna. Their marriage
record can be found online. It lists his parents as John W [sic]
Steadman and Susie F. Gordon. This is an important piece of evidence
in solving this family.

If you would like a report on the family, please send me a request off-list.

I would like you to strongly consider joining the DNA project. We
need some evidence from DNA that John Truscan Stedman is actually a
member of the family that we expect.

We would recommend the 37 marker Y-DNA test to start (which is on
sale). Unfortunately, we do not have anyone who has offered to help
pay from a test of someone from this family.

I hope this is useful.


At 12:37 PM 11/22/2011, Joe Steadman wrote:
>I am Joseph Daniel Steadman 1974-now
>(I have five kids)
>My father was Arthur Daniel Steadman 1952 - 2002 (wife Stella Mae Gray)
>His father was Arthur Steadman 1926 - 1990's (wife Betty Jo Myers)
>His father was Harry Steadman (wife Mary Edna Rushlow)
>I may be able to get more info in Harry from an aunt is needed.
>On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 12:14 PM, John Lisle <> wrote:
> > Joe,
> >
> > Could you please share with me - either on the list or privately -
> > details of your Steadman pedigree, starting from yourself. From that,
> > I should be able to extend your ancestry back to early 1700s if I am
> > correct as to who my guess for who Harry is.
> >
> > The spelling of the name became the personal preference of specific
> > families. Stedman was the earlier spelling.
> >
> > john.
> >
> > At 11:45 AM 11/22/2011, Joe Steadman wrote:
> > >New to this... I can trace back to Harry and Mary Edna (Rushlow) Steadman
> > >in Indiana. Anyone know if the Steadman name is directly from the Stedman
> > >name?
> > >
> > >Joe Steadman

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