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Subject: Re: [SPRUILL-L] Anna Sproule/John Hurst
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 11:33:30 -0400

Hi Carol,

Have you seen Mary Weeks Lambeth's "Memories and Records of Eastern North
Carolina"? It is long out of print, but it has lots and lots of Spruill
history--Spruill being one of her family lines.

Camille Everton told me that "all Spruills" (don't know whether she meant
literally "all" or not) go back to "Old Samuel"--meaning Samuel Spruill, of
course. But somehow, the links I need seem to be lost. I keep hoping that
someone has the key.

If you can get a copy of the Lambeth book, it might possibly help you, but
I am not sure. I have a photocopy of it, not the real thing, but Teresa
said that she somehow found a copy. (I am referring to Teresa Kelley, of
course.) I don't remember how she found hers.

Anyway, I am afraid that I have nothing that would help you. Do you have
Camille Everton's "Tyrrell County Cemeteries" book? That is very helpful
in locating gravesites in Tyrrell-Washington, and parts of Dare County.
If you want a copy, email me direct and I will tell you how to get it. It
is out of print, but I think there are still a few copies available. I am
just not at liberty to publish the info online.


At 09:47 AM 08/01/1999 EDT, you wrote:
> My James A. Spruill (1801-1878) and Director Liverman (1801-1875) were
>married in 1823. They had two sons, Zebulon & Benjamin, in NC.....before
>moving along the Southern route and ending up in Cherokee County, Texas.
> My grandfather Zebulon Josephus Spruill told his oldest daughter that
>A. in James A. Spruill stands for Anderson. That is the only clue I have to
>the A.
> I have a James A. Spruill owning land in Cherokee County, Al. before
>going to Cherokee County, Texas.
> I have not been able to establish James A's parents and have little to
> So that is about the history on my James A. Spruill.....not much, yet
>still.....a small clue.
> Anything familiar to you? Thanks for your response, Billie.
> Carolyn

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