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1732 - 1790

The following information pertains to Jacob Snider of Back Creek, Berkeley
County, Virginia (now West Virginia). Jacob owned 238 acres of land on
Back Creek purchased in three parcels. The certificate of deed for the
first parcel of 140 acres was received from Lord Fairfax on February 17,
1773. The certificate of deed for the second parcel of land containing 44
acres of land was made out on October 5, 1770 and dated May 26, 1789.
The last parcel of 54 acres was made out on April 3,1779 and deeded on
November 13, 1787. Jacob built and operated a grist mill on this

Jacob's location prior to these land purchases is uncertain but current
speculation indicates that he may have been living in Frederick County

Maryland in 1767 when a Jacob `Shnyder', Michael Miller, Conrad Fox,
Simon Stuckey and Phillip Jacob Miller appear together on April 10, 1767
Lancaster County to take the Oath of Affirmation and state that they are
all of Frederick County Maryland (Pennsylvania Archives, 2nd Series,
Volume 2, 467). According to Stuckey genealogy, the above Simon Stuckey's
son, Simon Stuckey III married Jacob Snider's daughter Margaret. This
theory on Jacob Snider's location is further reinforced by the fact that
Simon Stuckey II lived and died in Frederick County Maryland in the
western portion near Hagerstown that later became Washington County in
1772. This is also true of Jacob's daughter Mary Snider that married

Jacob Studebaker, since Jacob Studebaker's father Peter Studebaker also

lived and died near what is now Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland.

According to information, handed down through family generations, Jacob
was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. In support of this family

lore that Jacob provided provisions for the Army of Virginia in 1780,
J T McAlister in his 'History of Berkeley County Virginia' on page 190

refers to The Virginia Order Book which recommended Jacob Snider as a

Lieutenant of Militia on September 18, 1781. A number of Jacob's line

have been admitted to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and
the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), the most recent being the late
Calvin Woodrow Snider who was certified by the Registrar General of the
Sons of the American Revolution on July 28, 1982 - National #120613. Any
of Jacob's descendants may attain membership by proving their

Jacob Snider's will was written on November 28, 1787 and probated on
June 15, 1790 in Martinsburg, Berkeley County Virginia. Based upon a
grave stone inscription located on Jacob's land, it is believed that Jacob
died on March 3, 1790 at the age of 58 which would give his birth year as
1731 0r 1732. Jacob's will names only his wife Margaret and his sons
Jacob, John, Abraham, David, Joseph, Daniel and William. The daughters
are not named but later court proceedings identify most of them. After
Jacob's death, his widow Margaret moved to West Providence Township,
Bedford County Pennsylvania where she is listed as paying taxes until
and deceased at the time of the 1813 Tax collection. Jacob's son Abraham
and daughter Hannah who married Jacob Riner were the only two of Jacob's
children that remained in Berkeley County Virginia. Jacob's other older
sons, (Jacob Jr., John, David and Joseph) were each willed land that
owned in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. The younger sons, (Daniel, George
and William) did not receive any land but they shared equally in the

Jacob's mill located on Back Creek near the area today known as Swinging
Bridge, east of Jones Spring was the site of his mill. The tract of land
where the mill set was located on the 140 acres purchased on February 17,
1773. The 1809 Charles Varle map shows a grist mill on the Snider land
indicating that the mill was built earlier than 1809. When Jacob died in
1790, he willed that his son Abraham should receive the land when the
youngest son arrives at age. Abraham died in 1845 and willed that his
property both real and personal be sold and the mill property was sold to
Robert Penery. The mill was destroyed by a flood in 1889, the same year
of the Johnstown Flood.

The following are the known children and grand children of Jacob and
Margaret Snider of Berkeley County (West) Virginia:

1 - JACOB SNYDER, JR - born about 1754 - possibly Pennsylvania, died
________1848, Bedford County, Pa. Married to Catherine
POSTETTER April 17, 1783 in Hagerstown, Md. The daughter of
Abraham and Catherine POSTETTER. Nine known children:
1- John (Hannah Catherine ULLERY); 2-Jacob (Margaret STAYER);
3- Susanna (Daniel Frederick ZOOK); 4- Mary (David BRUMBAUGH);
5- Abraham; 6- David; 7- Elizabeth (Christian BRAKE and John
KOONTZ); 8- Catherine (Adam STAYER) and 9- Rosanna (Andrew
SNOWBERGER). Most, if not all were born in Bedford County

2 - JOHN SNYDER - born about 1755 - possibly Pennsylvania, died
about 1793 (Will probated) - Married to Susanna OVERHOLSER
about 1775. She was the daughter of Abraham and Catherine (?)
OBERHOLSER. Five known children: 1- David; 2- Catherine;
3- Jacob; 4- Abraham and 5- John (Susanna Fluke).

3 - MARY SNYDER - born January 22, 1756 - possibly Pennsylvania,
died November 15, 1832 in Miami County, Ohio - Married to
Jacob STUDEBAKER about 1773. He was the son of Peter and
Susanna STUDEBAKER. Thirteen known children: 1- Catherine
(Samuel STUCKEY - a cousin); 2- David (Mary ULLERY); 3-
Susanna (David SNIDER ); 4-Barbara (Jacob RITCHEY);
5-Elizabeth (Isaac KARN); 6- Jacob (Catherine PUTERBAUGH);

7-John (Hannah ULERY);8- Abraham (Elizabeth STEELE and
Barbara WEAVER); 9- Maria (George HERSHBERGER); 10-Hannah
(David PUTERBAUGH); 11-Samuel (Margaret RITCHEY); 12-Sarah
(David RENCH) and 13- Margaret (John Daniel GUMP). Birth location
of the first five children is uncertain but the rest were born in
Bedford County, Pa. Barbara, Jacob and Maria died in Bedford County
but the rest died in Ohio or Indiana.

4 - ABRAHAM SNIDER SR - born about 1763 - possibly Pennsylvania or
Maryland - died April 7, 1845 in Berkeley County, (West)
Virginia, married three times (1) Sarah CHIDESTER on June
10, 1797 in Berkeley County - the daughter of Eliphalet and
____________ CHIDESTER. Four known children: 1- Maria (John
MYERS); 2- Jacob (Adah BUTT and Margaret INBODY); 3- James
(Elizabeth FOUGHT); and 4- Charlotte (Andrew MILLER).
Abraham Sr married (2) Mary MILLER on April 18, 1807 in
Berkeley County - the daughter of Henry and _________ MILLER.
Three known children: 1- Ann (died young); 2- Daniel md Margaret / Mary
Rainey; and 3- Christian. Daniel and Christian living in 1845.

Abraham Sr married (3) Catherine MILLER on January 20, 1919
in Berkeley County - parents unknown (she may have been
previously married as she also names a son Andrew RINER in
her will written on September 1, 1853 in Berkeley County and
proved in March 1856. Seven known children by Abraham Sr:
1-Rose Ann (James M WILSON Jr); 2- Abraham (Barbary MYRICE); 3- William
(Hannah BUTT); 4- George W (Barbara EVERHART); 5- Hannah (Teter EVERHART); 6-
John William (Amanda Ann MCMILLAN); and 7- Elizabeth Jane (Michael PITZER).
All of the children were born in Berkeley County. Most of them probably died
there except for Jacob (Hocking County Ohio), James (Sandusky County Ohio),
Charlotte (Michigan) and Abraham Jr (Henry County Ohio).

5 - DAVID SNYDER - born about 1764 married Susanna STUDEBAKER.
According to STUDEBAKER genealogy they moved to Delaware
County Indiana - no further positive data on this line.

6 - JOSEPH SNIDER - born about 1765 - Before August 1825 in
Bedford County Pennsylvania. Married twice - (1) Catherine
RINER - parents unknown. Nine known children: 1- Sarah
(David SELLERS); 2- Catherine (George SELLERS); 3- Henry
(Sarah REIGHARD); 4- Jacob; 5- Joseph (Mary Catherine
STUDEBAKER - a cousin); 6- Daniel (Elizabeth STUCKEY - a
cousin); 7- John; 8- Mary (Jonathan DIEHL); and 9- Elizabeth
(Peter ENGLAND).

Joseph married (2) Catherine EVA(H) Three known children: 1 -William
(Catherine SENSEMAN); 2- Samuel (Catherine (?) ) ; 3- Philip (died young);
and 4- Lucy. Most if not all were born and died in Bedford County
Pennsylvania except for Joseph Jr (Delaware County Indiana), Daniel
(Jackson County Illinois) and William (Cass County Indiana).

7 - MARGARET SNYDER - (Rose or Regina) born about 1773 Berkeley
County (West) Virginia died 1833 in Bedford County
Pennsylvania - married Simon STUCKEY III on August 6, 1793
in Berkeley County. Simon was the son of Simon STUCKEY II
and Barbara FOX. Seventeen known children: 1- David
(Margaret BRECHT); 2- Daniel (___________ WILSON and
Elizabeth DUNKLE); 3- Samuel (Ann Silver); 4- Mary (James
Taylor); 5- Elizabeth (Daniel SNIDER - a cousin); 6- Jacob
(Mary SNYDER - a cousin); 7- Joseph; 8- Simon (Mary Kegg);
9- Charles (Rebecca SILVER); 10- John; 11- Margaret (Joseph
SMITH); 12- Susan (Samuel CARNEY); 13- William (Ruth POWELL);
14- Rosanna (Michael Lutz); 15- George W (Mary COMPHER);
16- Sophia (George W GUMP); and 17- Abraham. Most if not all
were born in Bedford County and died there except for Daniel
(Barton County Missouri, Elizabeth (Jackson County Illinois)
and William (Green County Illinois).

8 - DANIEL SNIDER - born August 5, 1772 Berkeley County (West)
Virginia and died on March 7, 1866 in Perry County Ohio.
Married twice (1) Mary HARSHBERGER - daughter of John and
Rebecca HARSHBERGER. Fourteen known children: 1- Rebecca
(Peter EVERSOLE); 2- George N (Rhoda SCOFIELD); 3- Jacob
(Susanna Helser); 4- Mary (Frederick MECKLING); 5- Susanna;

6- Catherine (John STUMBAUGH); 7- John Henry; 8- Daniel (Mary GREENAWALT); 9-
Elizabeth (Emanuel BINKLEY); 10- Samuel (Catherine SPANGLER); 11- Solomon
(Nancy LANTZ BAILOR); 12- Joseph (Catherine
WINEGARDNER and Mrs Nancy WILKES PLANK); 13- Sarah: 14-
Frances (Michael COVER and John HELSER). Daniel married
(2) Mrs Elizabeth ______________ PARKINSON. Two known
children: 1- David (Sarah WALTMIRE) and 2- Eli. The first
six children born Bedford County Pennsylvania and rest born
Perry County Ohio.

9 - GEORGE SNYDER SR - born about 1775 Berkeley County (West) Virginia and
died _______________ Belmont County Ohio - twice married (1) Barbara -
parents unknown. Fifteen known children:
1- Mary (Henry KEEFER); 2- Margaret (John DENT); 3- John;
4- Samuel (Mary HOUSER); 5- Daniel (Mary Ann KEEFER); 6-
Jacob; 7- Sarah (Casper KEEFER); 8- George Jr (Eleanor
PARKINSON); 9- William; 10- Joseph; 11- Nancy (Harrison
FOREMAN); 12- Susanna (Jesse WILKINSON; 13- Levi (Mary
MARSHALL); 14- Lucinda (William GUMMERE) and 15- Eli. George
Sr. married (2) Mrs Nancy EWERS in Belmont County on August
17, 1837. No known children. All of the children were born
in Belmont County.

10 - WILLIAM SNYDER - born about 1783 in Berkeley County (West)
Virginia and died about December 1815 in Montgomery County
Ohio. He married Elizabeth WARNER about 1803 in Bedford
County Pennsylvania - the daughter of Henry and _________
WARNER. Five known children: 1- Susanna (David ARNETT);
2- Henry (Nancy QUILLEN); 3- Jacob (Elizabeth HATFIELD);
4- Catherine (Benjamin WILLIAMSON); 5- Daniel (Margaret
PIPPENGER). The first four children born in Bedford County
Pennsylvania and Daniel born in Ohio. Most probably died in
Montgomery or Miami County Ohio.

11 - HANNAH SNIDER - born about 1768 and died ________Berkeley
County (West) Virginia. She married Jacob RINER - son of
Henry and Elizabeth RINER. Ten known children: 1- Catherine
(__________ ESLINGER); 2- Margaret (John GRUBB); 3- Susanna
(William YOST); 4- Elizabeth (George KEESECKER); 5- Hannah
(Peter KEES); 6- Sarah William HITE/ James KERN); 7- Rosanna
(Archibald MYERS); 8- Daniel (Ann BLINCO); 9- Peter and
10- Jacob. All were probably born in Berkeley County.

12 - ELIZABETH SNIDER - born about 1770 - died March 25, 1826 in Perry
County Ohio. She married John HENRICKS (HENDRICKS) - parents
unknown. Eleven known children: 1- Jacob (Elizabeth
HOFFERT); 2- Margaret (Solomon HOFFERT); 3- John (Mary FINK);
4- George (Elizabeth FINK); 5- Samuel (Mary EVERSOLE); 6-
Joseph (Elizabeth HOFFERT); 7- Daniel (Sarah Saloma HOFFERT);
8- Peter; 9- Elijah (Catherine SPEAR); 10- Elizabeth (Samuel
OLINGER) and 11- Mary. Most of the children were probably
born in Bedford County Pennsylvania. Most probably died in
Sandusky or Fairfield County Ohio except for John who died in
Clinton County Indiana.

13 - SUSANNA SNIDER - born ca 1766 Died DEC 1849. She married John
OVERHOLSER son of Abraham and Catherine (?) OBERHOLSER. Ten known children:
1- Abraham (Catherine MILLER); 2- Jacob (Catherine BENNETT); 3- Catherine
(Jacob SHOVER); 4- Margaret (Joseph WAGNER/WAGGONER); 5- Susanna (Jacob
MARTIN); 6- Mary (Jacob FLORY Sr); 7- Elizabeth (Joel WAGOMAN); 8- Hannah
(Michael MILLER); 9- Barbara ( Peter FILBRUN); 10- Daniel (Dorothy Sala);
The first 8 children were probably born in Bedford or Somerset Co's., Pa. And
the last 2 in Montgomery Co., Oh.

There is no documented proof of Jacob's religion but there is a great deal
of German Baptist or Brethren background and influence in the family and
lives of Jacob's children. The prevailing theory is that Jacob was the
of Christian Snider, who was one of the three Sniders (Jacob, Mathias and
Christian) that arrived in Philadelphia on the Ship Allen in September of
1729 and settled in Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. On
board the Ship Allen was a large group of German Baptists, led by
Mack, one of the founders of the German Baptists or Brethren who had fled
Germany where they had been persecuted by both the Protestants and the

The writer is attempting to locate data on all of the
descendants of Jacob and Margaret Snider and would
appreciate any information or clues that may help.

Robert A Longbottom
1288 Suffield Oaks Lane
Mogadore, Ohio 44260
(330) 628-4435

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