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Sorry for the delay in replying to your email. This is the info I have on an
Archibald Sloan who has a dau named Mary who married a James Mitchell.

This is probably more information than you want, but I have been off in the
land of the Burks surname and really cannot recall that I have contributed my
Sloan line.

Happy Hunting


1. *Archibald SLOAN

Birth Date:About 1697
Death Date:Before Mar 1764
Reference #:97



1.1 *Archibald SLOAN

Birth Date:Before 1720
Birth Place:PA or Ireland
Death Date:About 1788
Death Place:Rowan Co. (Iredell Co.), NC
Reference #:94

Archibald and Margaret were probably living in PA, but we have no record of
where they were and when they came to NC. Their oldest, John, was married in
Rowan Co., NC in 1765. They do not appear on Wm. Sharpe's map of 1771
(1773?) yet they were probably in the area.
Source: Archibald Sloan's Bible record Monita Horn

Spouse:Margaret ?
Reference #:94

Marriage Date:2 Aug 1739

Healenor (Eleanor)

1.1.1 John SLOAN

Birth Date:2 Aug 1740
Birth Place:prob. Lancaster Co., PA
Death Date:22 Jun 1780
Death Place:Ramsour's Mill, Lincoln Co., NC
Reference #:94

Settled in Iredell Co., NC before 1765. Received a Granville grant on 26 Nov
1757 on Coddle Creek in Rowan County. Killed at Ramseur's Mill (possibly
June 18?) leaving a will. He was a Captain.
Source for John and family: - Thomas W. Armour, 264 Monte Vista Ave.,
Oakland, CA 94611 - John's Will

Spouse:Mary GREEN
Birth Date:About 1745
Death Date:After 1830
Death Place:Iredell Co., NC
Reference #:94
Spouse Father:Jerimiah GREEN
Spouse Mother:UNNAMED

Marriage Date:23 Dec 1765
Marriage Place:Rowan Co., NC

Children:Archibald S.
Jeremiah Green

1.1.2 Isabella SLOAN

Birth Date:10 Jul 1742
Occupation:Washington District, VA until1756 then North Carolina
Reference #:14

Spouse:James CATHEY
Reference #:14 94

Marriage Date:14 Feb 1770
Marriage Place:Rowan Co., NC

1.1.3 Mary SLOAN

Birth Date:14 Feb 1744/1745
Occupation:Washington District, VA until1756 then North Carolina
Reference #:14

Not married according to Doris

1.1.4a Patrick SLOAN*

Birth Date:21 Jun 1747
Death Date:1809
Death Place:Smith Co., TN
Occupation:Washington District, VA until1756 then North Carolina
Reference #:14 94

Married Elizabeth between 1785-95. Monita Horn thinks his first wife died
after 1790 and he remarried ca. 1795 to Elizabeth ___.
1778 tax list - Patrick and Archibald Sloan listed together with their father
some distance away. Both Patrick and Archibald had land that they had
settled on and intended to get a land grant from the state for. At some
point in the 1780's they both signed their grants over to Samuel Sloan, their
younger brother, and they moved on.
In 1790 Patrick lived in Wilkes Co., NC In 1800 he lived in Burke Co., NC and
was listed as "Stone"
The executors of his will were his sons Archibald, John and William.

Spouse:? BELL
Spouse Father:Thomas BELL
Spouse Mother:UNNAMED

Marriage Date:About 1770


Other spouses:Elizabeth ?

1.1.4b Patrick SLOAN*

(See above)

Spouse:Elizabeth ?
Reference #:94

Marriage Date:About 1790
Marriage Place:Wilkes Co., NC


Other spouses:? BELL

1.1.5 Jean SLOAN

Birth Date:18 Jun 1750
Occupation:Washington District, VA until 1756 then NC
Reference #:14 94

Spouse:Joseph SHARPE
Reference #:94

Spouse Notes:
Is this Capt Joseph Sharpe of the light horse service under command of Col.
Francis Lock?

Marriage Date:8 Jan 1778

1.1.6 Archibald SLOAN

Birth Date:1753
Birth Place:Washington District, VA until1756 then North Carolina
Reference #:14

See John Craig notes

According to the late, well known Blount County historian, W. E. Parham, a
survey was ordered for land for ARCHIBALD SLOAN, joining JOHN and WILLIAM
SLOAN, on Nine Mile Creek and Machine Branch, near where the first Methodist
Church was located in the vicinity of Centenary Baptist Church. This was
probably in 1788, several miles from Carpenter.

After the Civil War the church gained fame for its campground facilities.
The building was 30 x 48 with a door in the center and two windows on each
side,and an AMEN corner of benches on either side of the pulpit. There was
a shed by the side of the church with straw for bedding down. There were
about six camps on the west side of the church, and others in various spots
on the grounds. These camps usually had bunks two deep, fastened to the
walls in frames. Some had lofts to provide additonal sleeping space. Many
visitors to the famed protracted meetings came in hacks or wagons and
brought loads of food.

Blount Co. Deeds:

194. (136-37) State of NC #1077 to Archabald SLOAN: 27 Nov 1793. res Knox
Co. 16 Apr 1795, Blount Co. 3 Apr 1807, 50 shillings/100 ac, 200 ac north
fork of Nine Mile Creeek including the Big Spring on the Warpath, corner to
Alexander SLOAN, William SLOAN, John SLOAN. CC

672. (506-07) James SLONE, Jr to Archibald SLONE: 4 Aug 1817, 27 Jul 1818,
$225. "being one-sixth of a certain tract of land held by John SLONE,
deceased, and descending to James SLONE as heir and legal representative -
Wit: Wm Campble, Joseph Cook, John SLONE.

613. (456-57) Benjamin Rogers to Uriah Sherrell: 28 Feb 1817, 28 Oct 1817,
$400, 100 ac on Little R., adj Henry heirs, John Gibson. sig: Benjamin (X)
Rogers. Wit: James SLONE, stephen Rogers.

420. (2:360-61) Jesse Kerr to John Thompson: 18 Mar 1824, $400, negro girl
named Matilda. Wit: William Auld?, Archabald SLOAN. 24 Dec 1824.

855. (3:174-75) Samuel Jackson, admr of estate of James SLOAN, to William
Heiskell: 3 May 1836, $34.75, lot #12 in town of Morganton containing
one-half ac. Wit: A. Henry, William McTeer. 11 May 1836.

905. (4:13) Heirs of James Cook, decd, to James McMahon: 28 Jan 1822, $192,
128 ac on waters of Nine Mile Creek, a part of a whole tract held by the
heirs which descended to them by heirship, adj William Davis, Joseph Cook,
including the free continuance of the dam now erected. Sig: Wm. Cook,
Alexander Cook, I.A. Wright, Anny Belinda Wright, Elizabeth Cook, James
Cook, John McMahon, Jane McMahon, Joseph Cook, Robert SLOAN, Margaret (X)
SLOAN, Wit: Elijah Ellis, William Harris to all but SLOAN's wife 17 Mar
1829. Wm, Garner to all be SLOAN's wife, James Henry and Samuel Henry
witness as to SLOAN's wife. 4 may 1830. Proven at court March 1829.

601. (2:512-13) William HARRISON of Monroe Co. TN. to Jesse KERR 13 Jan
1826, $500, 105 ac on waters of Baker's Creek, part of occupant survey made
for Mathew Wallace, adj Robert Thompson, Samuel Hanley's survey now Thomas
henderson, Thompson Roak, Mathew Wallace, Isom Addams. Wit: Samuel
Montgomery, John Miller. 6 Nov 1827.

851. (3:169-70) Nathaniel HARRISON to Samuel N. Montogomery: 25 Mar 1836,
$250, 120 ac on waters of baker's Creek, adj James Montogomery, Cromwell,
Robert Thompson. Wit: John M. Rankin, Samuel Montgomery. 22 Apr 1836.

897. (4:5-6) Samuel Steele to David A. Steele of Montgomery Co. AL: 10 Nov
1829 $200,69 ac lying on the Gray Ridge, part of land located by Jesse
James, Sr. decd, adj Robert HARRISON, agreeable to the line of the deed of
conveyance given by Jesse James, Jr. now owner of the residue of the tract
located by Jesse James, Sr. Samuel Steele is to have the use of the
plantation until his death. Wit: John Steel, Benjamin Ford. Proven at
court March 1830.

1011. (4:111-12) John Cromwell (first party), Abraham Utter (second party)
to Jesse KERR (third party): 19 Feb 1830, 100 ac on waters of Baker's Creek
adj lands of Robert Thompson and Nathaniel HARRISON, John Hall and others
(not named); part of a 212 ac Grant to Abraham Utter on 7 June 1809.

350. (251) Matthew Wallace to Isom Addams: 18 Nov 1812, 9 Jan 1814, $265,
53 ac on waters of Baker's Creek, adj William HARRISON, Mrs. E. Moor, Robert
Thompson. Part of a tract granted to Wallace. Wit: WM WHITE, William

676. (509-10) Isom Adams to Andrew Miller/Millar: 10 Jan 1815. 27 July
1818, $300, 53 ac on waters of Baker's Creek, part of Grant to Mathew
Wallace, adj M. Wallace, Wm HARRISON, Mrs. E. More, Robert Thompson. Wit:
Wm. McClung, James Scott.

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1.1.7 Margret SLOAN

Birth Date:23 Jun 1753
Death Place:TN? or NC
Occupation:Washington District, VA until 1756 then North Carolina
Reference #:14

possibly married the 24th

Spouse:Daniel McEWEN
Reference #:94

Spouse Notes:
Surname also McOwen and McCuen per info from Monita Horn pertaining to Wilkes
Co., NC deed (23 June 1813)

Marriage Date:25 Feb 1781
Marriage Place:Rowan Co., NC


1.1.8 Elizabeth SLOAN

Birth Date:7 Nov 1756
Occupation:Washington District, VA until1756 then North Carolina
Reference #:14

1.1.9 *Samuel SLOAN

Birth Date:3 Aug 1758
Birth Place:NC
Death Date:17 Jan 1840
Death Place:Smith Co., TN
Reference #:15

94Enlisted in Oct. or Nov. 1777 as Pvt. in NC Continental Line. Served in
Capt. Ramsey's Co., Col. Archibald Lytle's NC Regmt. Discharged Aug 1778
(1779?). Served 21 days in early 1780 in Capt. Joseph Sharpe's company
(light horse service) under command of Col. Francis Lock. Lt. Arch Sloan
also in company.

Mar 4, 1778 - given 500 acres in Rowan Co., NC on a large branch of N fork of
Fourth Creek by Patrick Sloan

1782 to Nov. 27, 1816 - owned land in Wilkes and Iredell Co., NC on the
waters of South Yadkin River.

1819/20 - Lives somewhere in Limestone Co., AL (1819/20 AL Census) Samuel was
a resident of Limestone Co., AL in 1826.

About 1838, moved to Carthage, Smith Co., TN with son, John.
He had a granddaughter, Peggy Sloan, b. ca 1811 listed in his pension
application in Limestone Co., 6 Nov 1826.

Sources: Revolutionary War application Pension application (1831 Limestone
Co., AL) 1820 and 1830 census - Limestone Co., AL Elizabeth Dean Dudley, Rt.
3, Box 3505, Burley, ID 83318 (2nd great granddaughter) Archibald Sloan Bible
record Henry Patterson estate papers "Iredell Co. Heritage - NC", #488 and
489 1787 NC state census

15 Enlisted Nov. 1777 as private with Capt. Ramsey's Company of Col.
Archibald Lytle's North Carolina Regiment. Discharged Aug. 1778 or 1779.
Moved from Limestone Co., Alabama to Smith Co., Tennessee around 1839.

Info found at LDS library in SLC, Utah. Cousin Scott Wilson doesn't have a
copy, but believes it was a record of Rev. War Pensions.

March 1996 update: Above information confirmed by A Roster of Revolutionary
Soldies and Patriots in Alabama by Louise Julich, DAR Alabama, pg 542/543.

Sloan, Samuel (b. ca 1756/d. 1-17 or 11/1-1840 place unk, but probably TN.
Not listed in TN Roster, Vol. I.

Buried: Place unknown

Sevice: Pvt. NC Continental Line, Enlisted in Oct. or Nov. 1777, served a
Pvt. in Capt. Ramsey's Co., Col. Archibald Lytle's NC Regt. Discharged August
1778 or 1779.

Pension: Enrolled on 2/29/1832 under Act of Congress of March 18, 1818, AL
Agency. Transferred to West TN Agency. Rejected. Pension R 9 661.

Residences: Reared in NC. Was a resident of that state when he enlisted.
When he applied for pension, he was a resident of Limestone Co., AL. Moved
from that county to Smith Co. TN when his son, John, with whom he lived,
moved. His post office address was Dixon Springs, TN.

Family: m 3-1-1780 Elizabeth Paterson b. ca 1765/d.7-9-1782

Synthia or Cynthia b 5-19-1782
Perthenia b 7-9-1784 m. Winkley
Samuel b 10-22-1787
Elizabeth b 1-6-1790 m. Stinnett
Margaret b. 7-11-1792 m. Brocket
Archibald b. 6-13-1794
John b. 12-13-1796

REF: Al archives and Hist. 1911 List of Rev. Soldiers p. 110; Gandrud Al
Records Vol. 88 (Limestone Co.) p. 99.

Spouse:Elizabeth (Betsey) PATTERSON
Birth Date:About 1765
Death Date:9 Jul 1842
Death Place:Smith Co., TN ?
Reference #:94 6
Spouse Father:Henry Patterson (?) (1732-1781)
Spouse Mother:Elizabeth ? (?) (1735-1815)

Marriage Date:1 Mar 1780
Marriage Place:NC24

*Samuel Marcus
John A. (S.?)

1.1.10 Healenor (Eleanor) SLOAN

Birth Date:5 Jan 1761
Reference #:94

May have been living with Dan McEwen in 1790.

1.2 John SLOAN

Reference #:94



1.2.1 Archibald SLOAN

Reference #:94

1.3 James SLOAN

Death Date:25 Dec 1775
Reference #:94

Reference #:94


1.3.1 William SLOAN

Reference #:94

1.3.2 James SLOAN

Reference #:94

1.3.3 Mary SLOAN

Reference #:94

Spouse:Peter HASTINGS
Reference #:94

1.4 William SLOAN

Reference #:94



1.4.1 Eliz. SLOAN

Reference #:94

1.5 Elizabeth SLOAN

Reference #:94

Possibly married Alexander Sloan 30 October 1764 in York Co.



1.5.1 Arsbold SLOAN

Reference #:94

1.6 Samuel SLOAN

Birth Date:About 1719
Birth Place:of Lancaster Co., PA
Death Date:After 22 Aug 1771
Reference #:94

died before 7/28/1786 (mentioned as deceased in his brother's, Archibald,

1.7 Mary SLOAN

Birth Date:About 1736
Reference #:94

Spouse:James MITCHELL
Reference #:94

Marriage Date:17 Aug 1756

Ref: 94
Mike Vernon .gedcom

Ref: 97
Email from NameChaser from Oklahoma, dated 6/15/1996
Date: Sat, Jun 15, 1996 3:32 PM EDT
From: NameChaser
Subj: Blount Co. Archibald Sloan
To: DB1776
cc: NameChaser

Greetings from Oklahoma,

The Sloan families in Blount Co. are decendents of Archibald Sloan that died
about 1800.

Blount Co. Tn. Deed No.104 pages 65\66 John Sloan, Alexander Sloan, William
Sloan, James Boyd, Andrew (Jackson) Jackston, David Brown, Carlineas Miller,
Robert Sloan and James Sloan legatees of Archibald Sloan to David Sloan. 14
Aug. 1805, part of a tract of land granted to Archibald Sloan by N.C. #1072
on nine Mile Creek.

I believe this Archibald to be the son of John and Jane Sloan of Donegal Twp.
Lancaster Co. Pa. This John's land was resurveyed in 1763 at that time he was
deceased, leaving a wife Jean, and the following children: Alexander,
Archibald, Mary, Margaret who married Archibald Sloan, and Elizabeth.

There are so many Archibald Sloans. Sure makes research difficult. One
Archibald Sloan and wife Margaret lived in Rowan Co. N.C. This Archibald died
1786\prb.1788 his father was Archibald for Lancaster Co., Pa. He had a
brother Samuel and his son-in-law was Joseph Sharp. This Archibald and
Margaret's children were Archibald Sloan Jr. that m-Rebecca Guy 1788 Iredell
Co. N.C. this is getting to confusing. Anyway my ancestor is Jean Sloan that
married Andrew Jackson in Blount County. Best

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