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Hers some neat info that I didnt have.
Have a great day !

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Subject: Fwd: Nimrod Slaven, Mildred Elizabeth "Milly" Roysden
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Here is what Merrill sent to me on Nimrod Slaven. Were there more than one
Thanks for everything,
luv ya,

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From: Merrill J Luna <>

This is from my "Hatfields, Blevins, Burks, and Slavens of Big South Fork
Country" I use the Personal Ancestral File way of giving everyone a
number, then anywhere they appear, they have the same number. These
people intermarried so much that is the easiest way to keep track of
them. I hope this comes through without messing up.

Nimrod Slaven (of *1346 Elisha Slaven and Mary Ann Polly Sweet) was
born 6 August 1863, Scott County, Tennessee, died 30 January 1927, at his
home in Scott County, Tennessee, buried Terry Cemetery, Gone But Not
Forgotten is on his headstone. Married Mildred Elizabeth Roysden.
Mildred Elizabeth Millie Roysden was born 27 November 1868, Scott
County, Tennessee, died 19 December 1944, Scott County, Tennessee, buried
at Terry Cemetery, A Tender Mother And A Faithful Friend is on her
headstone. The daughter of Jesse Roysden and Ithema Terry.
Jesse Roysden was born 1832, buried at Dewey Slaven Cemetery, No
Business, Scott County, Tennessee, the son of John Roysden, born 6 August
1813, died 13 November 1887, and Ruth Dagley, born 15 April 1813, died 28
March 1887. Jesse married IthemaThelma Terry, born ca1830-1836, buried
at Dewey Slaven Cemetery, the daughter of Josiah Terry and Nancy
Stephens. Jesse was a school teacher at Opossom Rock School, Scott
County, Tennessee. He was a member of the Home Guard during the Civil
A farmer. The children of Nimrod and Milly Slaven:
(1490) Dewey Slaven, born 25 January 1885, Oneida, Scott County,
Tennessee, died 16 December 1960, at Smithtown, Kentucky, at the home of
his niece, Vergie Slaven Mason, buried at Terry Cemetery. He never
married. He spent his entire life on No Business Creek, and served as
Justice of the Peace. (Source: Hickman-Strunk Funeral Home Records, Book
4, pg 177.)
*(1491) Louisa Slaven, born 24 March 1887, Oneida, Scott County,
Tennessee, died 18 Oct. 1959 died 8 October 1957 (per tombstone),
married *500 John Jack Blevins, on 7 August 1908, Scott County,
Tennessee, see *500 for children of Louisa and John Blevins. Jack Blevins
born 23 September 1885 (per tombstone) died 5 April 1971, Scott County,
Tennessee, both buried at Katy Blevins Cemetery, Scott County, Tennessee,
son of *363 Jacob B. "Jakey" Blevins and Viannah "Viney" West. (Sources:
Scott Co., TN Marriage Book 6A, pg 106. Obituary of John Blevins. Stearns
Coal and Lumber Co. Employee Records. 1900 Scott Co., TN census. Obituary
of son, Oscar Blevins. Scott Co., TN Cemeteries on the Internet.)
*(1492) John Calvin Slaven, born 15 March 1890, Oneida, Scott County,
Tennessee, died 30 July 1945, Scott Co., TN.. Married in Alaska to Helen
Marie Tallasen, born 31 May 1903, Nome, Alaska, died 26 April 1994, Scott
Co., TN., both buried at Hazel Valley Cemetery, Scott Co., TN. Source:
"Scott Co., TN and it's Families" by Scott County Historical Society.
"Cemeteries of Scott Co., TN on the Internet.
(1493) Mary Ellen Slaven, born 20 August 1893, Oneida, Scott County,
Tennessee, died 9 July 1961, Scott County, Tennessee. Married 6 July
1909, Scott County, Tennessee to *501 Daniel Dee Blevins. See *501 for
the children of Mary Ellen and Daniels children. Daniel born 3 April
1887, Oneida, Scott County, Tennessee, died 25 October 1931, Station
Camp, Scott County, Tennessee, son of *363 Jacob B. "Jakey" Blevins and
Viannah "Viney" West. Both buried at Katy Blevins Cemetery, Scott
County, Tennessee.
(1494) Dillie Ann Slaven, born 25 February 1896, Oneida, Scott County,
Tennessee, died 1979, Bell Farm, Kentucky. Married Bradley Kidd,
1896-1979, son of George Kidd, 1858-1932, and Hilda Laxton, 1860-1919,
daughter of Jesse and Louanna Jenny Thompson Laxton. Jesse Laxton was
killed in the Civil War. After Jesses death, his widow, Louanna, married
*959 Lewis/Louis Dolen, the son of Edward Dolen and *943 Anna Burk Dolen.
Dillie and Bradley Kidd moved to Bell Farm, Kentucky, where he died.
Sherod-Dobbs Cemetery, Hilltop-Yamacraw, McCreary Co., KY: Kidd,
Dillie--23 Feb 1896--6 May 1979 (on same stone) Kidd, Bradley--19 May
1895--23 Jan 1933, The Lord Is My Shepherd. Hickman Funeral Home
Marker. The children of Dillie Ann and Bradley Kidd are: Aunton/Anton
Kidd, born 20 Nov. 1918, died 25 Sept. 1978, married Hester Miller, born
12 Oct. 1921, Scott Co., TN., died 3 Oct. 1996, daughter of *776 Will J.
Miller and *1176 Ellen Burk; Ruby Kidd, born 22 Nov. 1920, died 11 Dec.
1983, married Maynard Slaven, born 23 June 1917, both buried Sherod-Dobbs
Cemetery, McCreary Co., KY., Son of Henry Slaven and *1483 Helene Slaven;
Jesse James Kidd, born 22 Sept. 1922, died 20 April 1979, buried Sherod-
Dobbs Cemetery, has a bronze War Memorial plaque PFC U.S. Army, World
War II, married Cynthia; Millie Kidd, born 2 Jan., 1930, Pine Knot, KY.,
married 10 Feb. 1954, Whitley Co., KY. To *730 Rev. Ralph M. Burke, see
*730 Rev. Ralph Burke for children; Herbert Kidd, born 14 April 1939,
buried at Sherod-Dobbs Cemetery, no death date, married Grace Gregory;
buried at Sherod-Dobbs;
(1495) Fronia Slaven, born 1 November 1899, died 31 March 1972, buried at
Sherod Dobbs Cemetery, Hilltop-Yamacraw, McCreary County, Kentucky, also
known as Sherod-Dobbs Cemetery. Frona Slaven--1 Nov 1899-31 March 1972
Gone to Rest. never married.(Source: Hickman-Strunk Funeral Home
Records, File 9-301.)
(1496) Dollie Slaven, born 22 June 1902, died 25 July 1902, Scott County,
(1497) James Harvey Slaven, born 21 February 1904, Elva, Scott County,
Tennessee, died 1972, Oregon. Married 5 March 1928, Scott County,
Tennessee to Etta Kidd, daughter of George Kidd and Martha Slaven.
Marriage Book 13, pg 316. From obituary of son Ray Slaven 1941-2001, age
60, of Springfield, Oregon, who was a native of Scott County, passed away
on Tuesday, October 2, as a result of injuries suffered in a farming
accident. Mr. Slaven, who was born in the No business area of Scott
County in 1941, was the son of the late Harvey and Etta Kidd Slaven. A
retired millwright for Georgia Pacific, where he was employed for 36
years, he was a volunteer firefighter for the Eugene Fire Department for
a number of years, operated a farm, helped raise foster children.
Survivors include his wife, Evelyn Krebs Slaven of Springfield, Oregon;
four children, Tony, Gary, Brad, and Brenda; a brother, Roy; three
sisters, Vergie, Velma, and Volene; and five grandchildren. Funeral
services were held on Saturday, October 6, at 1 pm at West Lawn Memorial
Gardens in Eugene, Oregon. (Source: SCOTT COUNTY NEWS, 25 October 2001,
Vol 84, No 51, pg 14)
(1498) Reason Slaven, born 24 August 1906, Oneida, Scott County,
Tennessee, died 23 August 1951, Scott County, Tennessee, buried at Terry
Cemetery? "Daddy We Will Meet You" on his headstone. Married 6 June 1931,
Scott County, Tennessee, to Martha Doss Crabtree, died in childbirth in
1947 in childbirth, buried at Terry Cemetery, "A Tender Mother and
Faithful Friend" on her headstone. Children Ocia/Osha, Nova, Josie,
Viola, Ralph, Wheaton. Middle children went to Bulah Heights Orphanage;
Oshia was married and Wheaton went to live with my grandma. From Norma
Benton, post on the Internet. Source: Scott Co., TN Marriage Book 15, pg
319 for Reason and Martha.)Married 6 June 1931, Scott County Marriage
Book 15, pg 319, to Martha Doss Crabtree, who died in childbirth in 1947,
buried at Terry Cemetery, Tender Mother And Faithful Friend on her
headstone. Norma Benton post on the Internet says oldest girl Osia was
married, middle children went to an Bulah Heights Orphanage and Wheaton
went to live with my grandma, Millie. From obituary: Reason Slaven,
born August 24, 1906, died August 23, 1951 at age of 45. He was the son
of Nimrod and Millie Slaven. Surviving are seven children, Mrs. Osia
Slaven, Josie Nora, Oscar, Viola, Ralph C., and Bradley Wheaton. Three
brothers, Dewey, Harve, and Roscoe; five sisters, Louisa, Ellen, Dillie,
Frona, and Poppie, and a large number of relatives. Funeral service
conducted by Revs. J.B. Smith and Alvin Terry. Internment in the Terry
Cemetery. On his headstone Daddy We Will Meet You.
(1499) Roscoe Slaven, born 26 December 1908, Elva, Scott County,
Tennessee, died 1 February 1964, Grants Pass, Oregon. Married 17 April
1928, Scott County, Tennessee to Cora Watson. (Source: Scott Co., TN
Marriage Book 13, pg 316. TN Index of Births, 1908-1912, Q-T, LDS
Microfilm 0,333,138.)
(1500) Poppie Ethel Slaven, born 15 January 1911, Oneida, Scott County,
Tennessee, died 9 October 1968, Oneida. Married Dewey Richard Sweet, born
10 October 1904, No Business/Oneida, Scott County, Tennessee. (Source:
Stearns Coal and Lumber Co. Employee Information, Stearns, KY Museum.)
Nimrod and Millie Slaven leases 144 acres, 2 December, 1901. Scott
County, Tennessee Land Records.
1900 Scott Co., TN census, HH #33, Dist. #12
1910 Scott Co., TN census, 1st District, HH #19: Slaven, Nimrod, head of
HH, age 46, md1 26 years, born TN, F-TN, M-TN, farmer, cannot read-write;
Milly, wife, age 41, 13 children born, 9 living, born TN, F-TN, M-TN, can
read, cant write; Dewey, son, age 25, single, laborer-home farm, b. TN,
can read-write; John C., son, age 20, single, laborer-home farm; Dillie,
daughter, age 14, laborer-home farm, can read-write; Frona, daughter, age
10, born TN, laborer-home farm; Harvey, son, age 6, born TN; Reason, age
2, born TN; Roscoe, son, age 1, born TN.
1920 Scott Co., TN census, HH #502, Dist. #4
KY Social Security Death Records, Stearns, KY Oil and Lumber Co. Employee
Information, Stearns KY, Museum.
Scott County Cemeteries on the Internet.
Scott County, TN and its Families by Scott Co., TN. Historical Society
Dorthy Slaven of John Calvin line.
Eugene Slaven, Twin Falls, Idaho.
Jean Burke, Oneida, TN
Verda Treat, Jamestown, TN
Wilma Buck, Jamestown, TN.


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