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From: Joy King <>
Subject: Re: [Sizemore] Old Ned Sizemore, Aruna Hart, etc.
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 13:38:37 -0500


> Donald, Sheila, Joy have all had comments today about "Old Ned", Aruna Hart,
> etc. re: the source of the Indian blood in the Sizemore family.

I haven't done any research on the HARTS, but one very important piece of
information to keep in mind is the following:
1759/27/Oct. Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774- SC Militia, Accounts of
the Pay Due the Companies in Colonel George Gabriel POWELL's Battalion in the
1759 Cherokee Expedition, signed by the commanding officers, Jan 15 1760. Capt.
#10 GEORGE SIZEMORE deserted Oct. 27,
Note jk: this source also lists Ensign =Daniel MICHAEL and has James BUNN+

SC Archives, Muster roll, Capt. John Hitchcock's Co., Expedition to Fort Prince
George 1759-1760. Copied from Old Darlington Dist. Chapter of SCGS, Newsletter
The Darlington Flag Vol.6 No.3 Summer 1994 p.19:
A roll of Capt. HITCHCOCK's Co.
George KING, Sergt. Benjamin COBB, Pvt.
Wm JOHN, Sergt. fr. 3 Nov. to 31 Dec.Theophilus NORWOOD, Pvt.
Wm. WHITE, Clerk Peter LANE, Pvt.
James BARN+, Pvt. Richard PITTS, Pvt.

Daniel POLK Oct. 27th, 1759 John GREEN Nov. 15th
GEORGE SIZEMORE Oct. 27th, 1759 Charles BAZEL Nov. 15th
John HART Oct. 27th Wm. POPPERWELL Nov. 15th
Thomas POLK, Senr. Nov. 17th Joseph DUETT Nov. 15th
Thomas POLK, Junr. Nov. 17th John TEAL Novr.
Peter HART Nov. 17th James JONES
Novr. 9th
Henry MASSINGALE, Sergt.Nov. 9th Ensn.=Barnet MICHAEL Octr.29th
*Thomas CHEVAS Nov. 15th Capt. John HITCHCOCK Novr.20th
January 15th, 1760
Willm. WHITE, Clerk George KING, Sergt.
*Note jk: See Free African Americans of NC and VA- Heinegg pp.155-73, CHAVIS

Since the HARTS play such an important role in the family we're discussing,
shouldn't some pretty serious research be done on them? Btw, PETER, & 2 JAMES
HART are on the 1782 Montgomery Co., VA tax list.

> AND, do bear in mind from my posting of the weekend, that a 1774 Surry Co, NC
> tax list listed one household as EDWARD SIZEMORE, JAMES HART 2

Ron, I thought we pretty much established that this EDWARD SIZEMORE is most likely
the EDWARD found in early Hawkins Co., TN records.

> Surry County, NC is the mother county of Wilkes, Ashe, Alleghany, and Stokes
> Counties among others. Three years later in 1777, a GEORGE SIZEMORE appears in
> the Surry County tax list.

1777 "Capt. Smith's Dist. Parish of Dobbs
Name Value of Estate Tax in Pounds
George Sizemore 30/ -----
Michal Deg 118 0-4-11
Peter Smith 74 0-4-0
Joseph Herreson 129 0-5- 4 1/2
John Krause 79 0-4-0

Ron, I think the records show this is most likely the later Stokes Co., NC. I
find both Peter Smith & John Krause on the 1790 census of Stokes, and of course
GEORGE, NEWMAN, WM., & ELIZABETH SIZEMORE are there also. Didn't you place this
"unknown GEORGE SIZEMORE" in Wilkes from 1795 through 1802 with lots of dealings
with Jacob Elledge?

> Owen then received a NC State grant for 400 acres of land in what is now Ashe,
> NC in 1786.

The copy of this grant that Jack Goins has shared with us states that the land
SURVEY was ENTERED 30th June 1786 BUT the GRANT itself is dated 17th day of
November 1804. I don't think we ever established to whom the original survey was
made did we? Did you or Jack get a copy of the original survey plat? Also, in
1793 he was only taxed with 100 acres, 1794 the same, and 1795 only 50 acres.

> The contradictions in the ECA's make it highly risky to rely on them for factual
> information without some other form of verification.

AMEN to that!

> The first reference to the specific Sizemore cluster which most of us seem to be
> trying to connect with is found in 1741 Lunenburg Co, VA records (later to
> become Halifax County) Two separate records for that year show:
> William Blevins...MARY, HENRY and EPHRAIM SIZEMORE names appear on the
> surveyor's records.

There's a little more to it than that Ron, and the area they were in included
Halifax & Mecklenburg. As you know, I've abstracted all of the Sizemore entries
listed in Marian Dodson Chiarito's Entry Record Book 1737-1770. There are several
Blevins entries, but none in the area of the Sizemores.

The 1st Sizemore entry is for William dated Oct. 17 1741 which reads:
p.5 [pp.6/7 of Land Entry Book] (Oct.17 1741 Survyd for WM SIZEMORE P.F.) Joseph
CLOUD enters for 200 Acres on the Nth side of Banister beginning below the mouth
of Wynns Cr thence up the Cr & Rivr transfer'd to Edw'd OWEN and sold to WM
SIZEMORE the same time. [Halifax Co., VA jk]
Note jk: The SURVEY was sold by Edward Owen to William, not the land itself.

Then we have Mary in this book, but I believe this is probably Marg., for Margery,
since subsequent records refer to her as variously, Mary, Margery, Margaret.
ERB p.7 ([Oct.].13 1743 Surv.d P.F.) MARY SIZEMORE by assignmt from Thos FRANKLIN
enters for 200 Acres on both sides of the Nth fork of Wyn's Cr beginning at a Gt
Lick thence up and down. [Halifax Co. jk]
EPHRAIM & HENRY are listed with entries on this date

1746 we find WILLIAM, JAMES, & EDWARD
1747 GEORGE (on the lower line of his mother Mary [Marg jk] Sizemore's survey on
Wynne's Cr.).

Then we have the Tithes List:
1748- WILLIAM, EPHRAIM, HENRY, JAMES, & EDWARD are all listed on the list
1749- WILLIAM, EDWARD, & JAMES are on the list
1750- GEORGE [listed next to William Joyner, "an old Indian man's list"], &
So, we are dealing with 6 men here, with potential offspring!

> This EPHRAIM who was an adult by 1741

First record is 1743

> is the first Sizemore whom I have seen referred to as being of mixed blood. In
> 1753 Orange Co, NC Court Minutes, Mary Torrington petitions the Court concerning
> an orphan female child, called Sarah Torrington, taken from her in a forcible
> manner by a certain EPHRAIM SIZEMORE, A MULATTO. This would place mixed blood
> in the Sizemore family at least back to 1720 or before since Ephraim was an
> adult in Lunenburg, VA in 1741.

Don't forget about the Wm. JOYNER "an old Indian man's list" next to GEORGE
SIZEMORE on the 1750 tithes list, and the following entry :
1747/June Lunenburg Co.,VA Order Bk. #1 p.207: John BOYD, Pet. vs. WILLIAM
JOYNER & SARAH SIZEMORE, def., on a Pet.. It appearing by the sheriff's return
that Def. has been duly served with a subpoena and a copy of the petition, and
they not appearing, and the pet. produced Def. bill, judgment is granted Plt.

> Ephraim Sizemore b. prior to 1790 supposedly born SC
> Jesse Sizemore b. prior to 1790 (Is this same Jesse s/o Ephraim, Rev.
> War pensioner b. ca.1749,lived SC?)

Yes, these are relevant to Ephraim of Spartanburg, but as with other ECA's there
is misinformation.

> Now that we have this info in front of everyone, we need more people to go out
> and do "original research"

I think everyone can see that there are a great many areas that need researching,
so lets get out there and find those records!!!


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