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From: "Christine Walters" <>
Subject: [Shook] Harmonious brother..
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 08:38:16 -0600

In reply to Karens question - "Does Harmonious have a brother?

No siblings have ever been proved for Harmonious but lots of speculation at
times. He was in the same area, some of the time, as Lawrence Shook who
migrated to St Clair Co IL, and where Lawrence died around 1822. He might
be a brother - no way of proving it. There is a Cathereine Shook that is
99.9% sure to be a sister of Hermaneous. She married Anthony Reagor abt
1738.. both died in Hampshire Co VA by 1780.

I have the best reference book in the world on the SHOOK family written and
compiled by Larry G Shuck. I have no idea if this book is still in print,
but its invaluable and none can compare to it! I purchased it directly from
the author - last known address:

Larry G Shuck 164 Julep Ln Cincinnati OH 45218.

I'll be happy to do lookup in it.. I am planning on doing a SHOOK family
website in the near future. I already have Websites on the LYTLE, DOLBY and
KESTERSON lines and SHOOK is next on my list.

Christine Walters

>Subject: Re: [Shook] My SHOOK LINAGE - Roll Call
>Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 06:59:12 EST
>Does Harmonius Shook have a brother?
>Thanks, Karen
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