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From: "Edward Mason" <>
Subject: Re: [SHIVER] Kershaw Quakers
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 01:25:19 -0400
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In response I think evidence is building that our Shivers may have been Quakers also. I won't take the time to look up her name but one woman, born in the 1790s in SC, stated that her SC Shivers were Quakers.

John Jackson, who had a daughter named Hannah and was the right age to be Hannah's father, appears to be a lock for our Hannah's father. William Shiver, age to be a brother to our John Shiver, in 1790 was living 4 HH's from John Jackson's son, Stephen Jackson, in Anson County, NC. Joel Shiver, also the right age to be a brother to our John Shiver, was a near neighbor of John Jackson and I believe we have 8 of John and Hannah's descendants named Joel including one named Joel Jackson Shiver. John Jackson was a Quaker and from NJ. If other evidence supports our John Shiver being Quaker then the marriage of John Shiver to Hannah the daughter of John Jackson, a Quaker, is strengthened.

The given names of Abraham, Joel and Jacob Shiver is important since we don't find those given names earlier in the VA or NJ Shivers. If we determine where, and when, these given names entered the Shivers we may have a break through.

The Holly's were near neighbors to the Shivers and Jackson's and from other researchers a Holly married John Jackson, Jr. and another married Joel Chiver. It appears that the Jacob Chivers associated with Joel Chivers son Larkin Chivers, is closely related. From what I understand we have two of John and Hannah's descendants with a given name of Holly. John and Hannah have at least 4 or 5 descendants named John Jackson Shiver and many, many others with Jackson given names.

Samuel Belton in SC was a Quaker and married a daughter of John Payne, d. 1780. In NJ in the late 1600's and early 1700's a John Shiver was married to Sarah Belton, daughter of Jonathan Belton, both Quakers. In SC there is a descendant of a Robert Belton named Jonathan Belton. Samuel, Robert and Jonathan Belton are almost certainly Quakers from the Jonathan Belton of NJ clan. There is an Abraham Belton in Kershaw County. Could our Shiver given name of Abraham have come from the Sarah Belton/John Shiver marriage? One of the Boykins of Kershaw is documented to have made a trip from Kershaw to Morristown, NJ. A Boykin is buried in the Quaker Cemetery. My Dempsey Chancey, and his son Alexander Chancey, moved from Chesterfield, SC to Camden where they lived among the Quakers for a few years before moving to Henry County, AL. In Covington County, AL my Chancey descendant, Green Jackson Hutcheson, married my Shiver descendant, Mary Jane Cassady. John Payne's son, Daniel Payne, was a Quaker as was his brother in law Samuel Belton, both brother in law to John Swilley, Jr. son of Nicholas Swilley.

The given names of Abraham, Joel and Jacob Shiver are important since we don't find those given names earlier in the VA or NJ Shivers. If we determine where, and when, these given names entered the Shivers we may have a break through.

It would not surprise me if we found NC connections of our Shivers to either the NJ Quaker Shivers or to Shivers from another Quaker settlement, perhaps in Virginia. Guilford County, NC was created in 1790 from parts of Rowan and Orange Counties. I will have to look up the roots of Rowan and Orange but earlier, along the Haw and Eno Rivers, there was a Quaker settlement. In the 1790 census for Guilford County there was an older William Shaver and two apparent sons living next door, Jacob Shaver and William Shaver (II).

By the late 1700's and early 1800's members of the Quaker religion were beginning to break with some of the traditions of the Quakers and some were leaving the religion and joining other churches, like the Baptist. Also if a man, or a woman, outside the religion fell in love with someone who was a Quaker they often would join the Quaker church so they could get married.

There were also violation of the church rules when it came to owning slaves and in some locations it was widespread. There was also some violation of the rules against serving in the military.

Since I mentioned Guilford County earlier I just noticed that Guilford had four monthly meeting houses, New Garden 1754, Center 1757 or 1772, Deep River 1778 and Springfield 1790. Again interesting because Shavers/Shivers in Guilford included the given names Jacob and William.

The monthly meeting in Kershaw was in Fredericksburg (Wateree) which is where all our Paynes, Shivers, Swilleys, Boykins, Beltons, etc were located.

The VA Shivers were located in Isle of Wight and Nansemond Counties and in an area near each other on the common county line. Each county had two monthly meeting houses.

In VA there were early Quaker settlements (2) in Henrico, part of which later became Goochland County and there were settlements in New Hanover and in Louisa which was created from part of New Hanover. The Paynes in VA who were Quaker, and with names William, George and Phillip were in Henrico/Goochland and later in New Hanover/Louisa. My Swilleys were in Henrico/Goochland and my Prestwoods from New Hanover/Louisa.

When I have a chance to collect all the records from about 1700 to about 1750 in VA, NJ, NC & SC I think we might have a little clearer picture. Since I mentioned that perhaps Abraham in the Shiver name may have come from the Belton's I want to mention that there is a Joel and a Jacob Cherry in Kershaw. Earlier, I believe in Beaufort, NC, the Cherrys and a John Shiver were together.

I am just getting started with this Shiver research and feel that pretty good progress is being made. I am looking forward to my trip to SC and on to NC with you Guerry.

There is some major progress being made on some of our families which we can release later with Mary Kozy.


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So far as I have determined the Shivers were located in the area surrounded by Quakers specifically the Paynes from NC. There is a book of NC Quakers and I will revisit it tomorrow and check out names. From what I remember, Payne is in there.
William Guerry Felder

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Based on your research on the Shivers so far where do you stand on the issue that our Shivers, and allied families, may have been Quaker? Based on past research experience the first place to look for our Shivers would be just up the migration route and in Virginia where there were 1600's Shivers with given names of Thomas, William, John and James. Names that show up in Anson and Kershaw County. That break through hasn't come so far but perhaps because we haven't had Shiver researchers who have had the money or time to seriously research all the records. On the other hand the break through may not have come because people have been looking in the wrong place.

Let me know of any evidence you have that our Shivers, and families they were allied with in Kershaw, may have been Quaker. Boykins, Paynes, etc. Ed

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