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Subject: [SHERWOOD-L] Re: Thomas SHERWOOD and Mary (FITCH?)
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 14:23:23 +0000

Dear Jeannie (I spelled it right for a change), and Sherwood List

The identity of Thomas Sherwood's second wife, Mary, is an unsolved
mystery. Here are my thoughts on the claim that she is NOT a FITCH
(quoted from an email I sent earlier this year to another Sherwood

"I suspect that Thomas' 2nd wife, Mary, was not a
FITCH, but I am hesitant to say that is a
certainty. Apparently, the origin of the claim
that Mary FITCH was the 2nd wife of Thomas
Sherwood, is Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbell Schenck's
"History of Fairfield," Vol. 1, p. 351, published
in 1889. Schenck discusses the BANKS family and
states that John Banks' wife was Mary FITCH,
widow of Thomas Sherwood 1. In the NEHGS (I
don't have the Volume # in front of me), Donald
Lines Jacobus states his belief that Schenck
carelessly inserted the FITCH name where none
belonged, being momentarily distracted by the
fact that Matthew Sherwood (son of TS1) married a
Mary FITCH. I tend to agree with Jacobus. But
we don't know for sure that that is what
happened. Perhaps Schenck had a source that we

"Subsequently, a few historians and geneaolgists
took the FITCH identification a step further and
claimed that she was Mary FITCH, daughter of
Thomas FITCH (ca.1590-1632) and Anna REVE, both
of Bocking, Essex, England. Bocking church
records show that Thomas and Anna were married 8
AUG 1611. Roscoe C. Fitch's book gives Mary a
DOB Mar. 1629; a DOB 16 MAR 1628 is given by
Silas Hedding Fitch, I believe; and CD 100 says
ca. 1616. If either the 1628 or 1629 DOB can be
proven correct, then it will be proven that this
particular Mary FITCH was too young to be the
second wife of Thomas Sherwood.

"If, for the sake of leaving no stone unturned, we
grant that there is some small possibility that
Schenck's reference to a Mary FITCH is not in
error, then we must consider the possibility of
some other Mary FITCH. There were quite a few
other FITCH families in CT and MA at the time.
Roscoe C. Fitch was not able to connect them to
the Fitches that I have been discussing (See his
Fitch book, pp. 32-33). They include John FITCH,
who settled at Windsor CT in 1643; Deacon Zachary
Fitch of Reading MA, 1635; Anne (Fitch)
Leverett, mother of Gov. John Leverett of MA;
James Fitch and wife, of Brookline MA, came in
1635; John Fitch of Rehoboth MA, d. 26 MAR 1675,
had four daus and one son; John Fitch of
Gloucester MA, who in 1667 m. Mary Coil and left
no descendants. Any one of these Fitches could
have had a sister and/or dau. named Mary."

Merry Christmas to All,

Jeannie (who always asks good questions) wrote:
> Also, information passed along to me from New England Historical and
> Genealogical Register, July 1938, NEH&GS. p.303 is that Notes on the Second
> Wife of Joseph LOOMIS of Windsor, Conn. includes a discussion saying that Mary
> the second wife of Thomas Sherwood was not a Fitch. As I understand it,
> Donald Lines Jacobus had also argued against immigrant Thomas Sherwood's wife
> Mary being a Fitch. If someone has these sources, I would be most interested
> in learning more specifically what Jacobus and p. 303 in NEHGR say on
> immigrant Thomas Sherwood's wife Mary.

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