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From: JWinter588 <>
Subject: Re: Thomas Sherwood and Goodwife Knapp
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 13:30:42 EST

Hi Sherwood family,

Regarding the witch trial testimony of Mary Sherwood, wife of immigrant
Thomas Sherwood, the testimony is found in The Witchcraft Delusion: The Story
of the Witchcraft Persecutions in Seventeenth-Century New England, Including
Original Trial Transcripts" by John M. Taylor, Gramercy Books New York &
Avenel, Chapter 10, pp. 122-141, Yes, it is actually a trial following the
Witch trial.

The story of Mary Sherwood's involvement with Goody Knapp is also found
in Witchcraft Trials of Connecticut, by R. G. Tomlinson, "The First
Comprehensive, Documented History of Witchcraft Trials in Colonial
Connecticut, copyright 1978 by R. G. Tomlinson, printed by The Bond Press,
Inc., Hartford, Conn., pp. 7-9

These pages name Mary Sherwood, but do not mention her spouse Thomas

Jeannie Winter

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