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Subject: Mathew SHEARER > Thomas Brown SHEARER > Phares Waldo SHEARER...Civil War Diary!!
Date: 7 Jul 2004 12:02:26 -0600

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My information on Matthew SHEARER is listed below starting with the second paragraph. I am researching the descendents of and looking for LIVING DESCENDENTS of Thomas Brown SHEARER. Especially interested in two brothers, Phares Waldo SHEARER, born 1837, and Oliver V. SHEARER, born about 1846/1847. Phares (aka “P.W.”) SHEARER served throughout the Civil War with the Miss. 3rd Battalion/45th Regiment Vol. Infantry which was eventually part of Cleburne’s Division and kept a diary, and Oliver (aka “O.V.Jr.”) SHEARER was also with Cleburne’s Division in the spring of 1864. I would appreciate receiving any information on the children, their spouses and descendents of Thomas Brown SHEARER, b. 19 February 1814 in Eatonton, Putnam Co., Georgia, d. bef. 1870 probably in Okolona, Chickasaw Co., Miss.; m. Eliza Ann NATION, b. 1821 in Blount Co., Alabama, and resided with some of her children in 1870 in Chickasaw Co., Miss. The ten (!
10) children of Thomas and Eliza SHEARER were (1) Phares Waldo SHEARER, b. 1837, d. 1926 in Vicksburg, Warren Co., MS or Greenwood, Leflore Co., MS, bur. in Old Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, MS; m. Sarah "Sallie" Rice SIVLEY on 16 November 1858 possibly in Hinds Co., Miss., b. February 1840, d. 30 June 1917 in Vicksburg, Warren Co., MS; (2) Sallie SHEARER, b. 1840, m. Unknown WILCOKS, Unknown SAGE and Morgan C. SHELL; (3) Thomas Nation SHEARER, b. 1844/1846; (4) Oliver V. SHEARER, b. abt.1847; (5) Martha "Mattie" SHEARER, b. abt.1849, m. D. C. RICHARDSON; (6) Harry SHEARER, b. abt.1852; (7) Grace SHEARER, b. 1853/1854; (8) Willie SHEARER, b. abt.1855; (9) Edward B. SHEARER, b. 1858; and (10) Unknown SHEARER (female).

Here's the information I currently have on Mathew SHEARER: b. abt. 1693 in Armagh, Ulster, Ireland; d. 1770 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina; m. Sarah ??? in 1723, Lincoln Co., North Carolina; b. abt. 1704 in Ireland; d. 26 November 1786 in Lincoln Co., North Carolina. (Note: m. 1723, so Sarah ??? would be the 2nd wife of Mathew SHEARER & not the mother of Matthew's children.)

Five (5) Children of Matthew SHEARER:
(1) Hugh SHEARER, b. abt. 1714 in Armagh, Ulster, Ireland, d. 1792 in Bullock Creek, York District, South Carolina; m. Lydia ??? abt.1730 in Ireland, b. abt.1714 in Ireland, d. 1802 at Bullock Creek, York District, South Carolina;
(2) William SHEARER, b. abt. 1715 in Ireland;
(3) Martin SHEARER, b. abt. 1717 in Ireland;
(4) Nancy SHEARER, b. abt. 1719 in Ireland, d. in Ireland;
(5) Mary SHEARER, b. abt. 1721 probably in Ireland.

Eight (8) Children of Hugh SHEARER:
(1) George SHEARER, b. abt.1732 in Armagh, Ulster, Ireland;

(2a) William SHEARER, b. abt.1734 in Armagh, Ulster, Ireland, d. bef. 1789 in York Co., SC; "first" m. Ann ???, probably in Ireland, b. abt.1738 in Armagh, Ulster, Ireland, probably died abt.1756/1760 in Pennsylvania; William and Ann SHEARER had one (1) child: James SHEARER, b. 1756 at Cross Roads Village, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, d. 23 Dec. 1833 in Henry Co., Georgia, m. Theodocia ??? in 1779 in Newberry District, South Carolina, b. 1756 in Ninety Six District, South Carolina, d. abt.1843 in Henry Co., Georgia; James and Theodicia SHEARER had ten (10) children, all probably born in Ninety Six District, South Carolina: (a) Ann SHEARER, b. 24 March 1780; (b) Dr. Thomas SHEARER, b. 17 November 1782, d. 1854 in Pontotoc Co., MS, m. Sarah "Sally" BROOKS in 1807 in South Carolina, b. 06 March 1788 in SC, d. 1865 in Miss.; (c) Frances SHEARER, b. 24 December 1784; (d) Margrett SHEARER, b. 11 October 1786; (e) Richard SHEARER, b. 17 November 1788; (f) John SHEARER, b. 12 October !
1790; (g) Sarah SHEARER, b. 06 April 1793; (h) Abigail SHEARER, b. 21 March 1795; (i) William SHEARER, b. 14 July 1798; and (k) James (aka "SHERER") SHEARER, b. unknown.

(2b) William SHEARER, b. abt.1734 in Armagh, Ulster, Ireland, d. bef. 1789 in York Co., SC; "second" m. Abigail BELL in 1763 in Bullock Creek, York District, South Carolina, b. abt.1738 in York Co., SC, d. bef. 1789 in York Co., SC. William and Abigail SHEARER had four (4) children, all born in Bullock Creek, York District, South Carolina: (a) Lydia SHEARER, b. abt.1764, d. aft. 1835 in Benton Co., Alabama; m. John BLAIR abt. 1787 probably in SC, b. abt.1760 in Bullock Creek, York District, South Carolina, d. abt. 1832 in South Carolina; (b) Thomas (Sr.) (aka SHERER) SHEARER, b. abt.1766, d. bef. 19 August 1839; m. Ann ROBINSON abt. 1789, b. 1772, d. bef. 07 December 1840 or bef. 9 July 1849; (c) Hugh (II) SHERER, b. abt.1769, d. 24 December 1824 in Bullock Creek, York Co., South Carolina; "first" m. Hannah ??? abt. 1790 in Bullock Creek, South Carolina, b. 1765 or 1773 in Bullock Creek, York District, South Carolina; Hugh (II) SHERER "second" m. Mary LOFTEN bef. 1810 probab!
ly in Bullock Creek, York District, South Carolina, b. abt. 1793 or 1810, d. Bullock Creek, York District, South Carolina; and (d) William (II) SHEARER, b. abt.1773; m. Sallie WALTERS, b. abt. 1777, and m. Hannah HOOVER, b. abt. 1777.

(3) James (aka SHERER) SHEARER, b. abt.1737 in Armagh, Ulster, Ireland, d. 1781 in Bedford, Virginia; m. Lenna ??? in Bedford, Virginia, b. abt.1739 in Virginia, d. 06 April 1822 in Campbell, Virginia. James and Lenna SHEARER had twelve (12) children, all born in Virginia, probably Bedford: (a) James SHEARER, b. abt.1752; (b) Isabella SHEARER, b. abt.1756; (c) Mary SHEARER, b. 1761; (d) William SHEARER, b. abt. 1763; (e) Thomas SHEARER, b. abt.1764/1765; (f) Peter SHEARER, b. abt.1768; (g) Matthew SHEARER, b. 1768; (h) George SHEARER, b. abt.1769; (i) George SHEARER, b. abt.1769; (j) Jacob SHEARER, b. Abt. 1770; (k) Samuel SHEARER, b. abt.1772; (l) Anna Lenna SHEARER, b. abt. 1774; and (m) James SHEARER, b. 11 April 1776.

(4) John (aka SHERER) SHEARER, b. abt. 1739 in Armagh, Ulster, Ireland, d. bef. 1800 in Boone, Watauga, North Carolina; m. Grace ???, b. 1743. John and Grace SHEARER had one (1) known child: Robert Finley SHEARER, b. 05 August 1768 in Rowan County, North Carolina, d. 13 May 1847 in Ashe County, North Carolina; m. Sarah KENDALL on 19 November 1789 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, b. 1771 in Virginia.

(5) Christian (aka SHERER) SHEARER, b. abt. 1741 in Pennsylvania.

(6) Francis (aka SHERER) SHEARER, b. 1745 in Pennsylvania.

(7) Mary Mccafferty (aka SHERER) SHEARER, b. January 1752 in Pennsylvania.

(8) Andrew (aka SHERER) SHEARER, b. abt. 1755 in Pennsylvania.

If there is additional information that clarifies any of my dates, names or locations, I would appreciate knowing about it.

I am looking for any leads that might help me locate a copy of the Civil War diary of Phares Waldo SHEARER, eldest son of Thomas Brown SHEARER.

Hope the Matthew SHEARER information is helpful.

Rob Swinson ()

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