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From: "Charles D. Payne" <>
Subject: Re: Re Benjamin Shacklett
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 12:51:56 -0600

At 10:03 PM 2/18/99 -0600, Dorothy Renaud wrote:

I think that the newspaper which you quoted was simply incorrect, although I
can see how the conclusion was reached. Turner SHACKLETT, writing his
historical sketch in 1925, stated that "It has been pretty well established
that our family was founded in America by Benjamin Shacklett, of French
descent, who came to this country in the 17th centruy with his bride, Sarah
Blancit, and settled in Fairfax County, Virginia." Other sources have stated
that all SHACKLETTs in America, as far as can be determined, descend from
Benjamin Shacklett (b. 1710). While this may be close to the truth (see
comment below), it doesn't mean that he was the first SHACKLETT to come to
this country. A number of researchers have concluded otherwise, including
but not limited to Comer D. Shacklett. I think that the will, posted to this
list recently by our cousin Don Shacklette in Colorado, of John Shakley
(Shacklett)(Jean de Jacquelot), combined with ship's passenger lists, prove
the earlier arrival of SHACKLETTs/JACQUELOTs in America.

Don Shacklette's recent post regarding his correspondence with a Betty
Shakely is very interesting, in that it might establish another, previously
unknown, line of descent in America, if it in fact turns out that Michael,
brother of Benjamin (b. 1710), had a line of descendants. I presume this
could have happened through the name being passed down as SHAKELY rather
than a more common variation of SHACKLETT. Please keep us informed, Don!

>Regarding the Shacklett info on 2-18-99, are you referring to John
>Shacklett born 1678, when you say (one of my sources shows that he died in
>Charles Co. Md in 1717/18?).

Yes. See the will posted by Don Shacklette recently.

>Maybe I'm behind but I thought Benjamin was
>the immigrant. I have a couple pages of SHACKLETT HISTORY from a newspaper
>in Brandenburg, Ky. no year given. It was a letter to "My dear Dave" and
>was signed by D. S. Roberts (deceased.) He states " Benjamin Shacklett, the
>first Shacklett to migrate to America, had married Sarah Blancit in France
>and came to Fairfax Co. Virginia in 1740....." He states that the above was
>from the diary of John Shacklett and authenticated by his son, J. D.
>Shacklett and nephew of Benjamin Shacklett.
>From a bible record owned by Ben Wooley Shacklett (s/o Ben Shacklett)
>John Shacklett, born 1678 England
>his son
>Ben Shacklett, born 1710 "
>his son
>John Shacklett, born 1747, Penn
>his son
>Ben Shacklett, born 1774 "
>his son
>John Shacklett, born 1796, Kentucky
>Fill me in.

Danny Payne,
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