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From: "Vicky Drake" <>
Subject: [SELLON] website to share
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 12:14:59 -0700

I have recently subscribed to

It's a pay for service site that is digitalizing newspapers.
You can go to that site, without paying and put in your surname and or location and see how many hits it has but you have to be a paid member to actually see the newspaper.

Once you find what you are looking for you can download it to your computer or print it out pr store it in their "file drawer" to look at more closely later.

Costs range from $25 for a 10 day period, $15 for a 1 month period and $98 for an annual subscription. They're having a spring cleaning special that ends 4/31 with a subscription for one year for $60. That's $5/month. I think it's a deal if you are looking for info that might be in newspapers, ie engagement and wedding announcements, birth announcements, obituaries, and sometime just little blurbs about an ancestor. I found my grandmothers 1910 wedding announcement. It was really neat!

I put in the name Housden, which is a pretty unusual name, and got back 1,900+ hits. Apparently they are adding new newspapers daily so every once in a while you will need to go back and look again. Some of the things I've pulled up go back into the 1880 and some are as current as 2008.

The one thing to be aware of is that they will continue billing your credit card until you physically tell them to quit. So be sure to mark your end of year date so you can cancel or negotiate what the price might be for the next year.


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