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From: "CGMcKay" <>
Subject: [Wig]: Arrivals from Ireland in Galloway 1840-1860
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 11:34:08 +0100

Dear Crawford, I take your point which is a valid one. Apart from a place name on a document, the next best bet may be a place name on a gravestone. So I would be eternally grateful to all our gravestone cognoscenti if they would let me know if they turn up any further McCoy or Bratten inscriptions, particularly in Kirkcolm. Trouble is that by 1881, several of the McCoys had gone over to using the form McKie and the McKies are many in Bonnie Galloway. William and Ann McKie both died at Inch so there might be some gravestone at Inch with a missing clue about their Irish background.
One other line of thought comes to mind. Has anybody out there any acquaintance with old Masonic records for Stranraer and district, supposing there to be such things ?
Best wishes. Craig.

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Ämne: Re: [Wig]: Arrivals from Ireland in Galloway 1840-1860

> Hi Craig,
> It sure would be nice to find such, but don't forget that it was
> not a sea voyage with passenger manifests, but either something more like
> a ferry trip in the latter end of that period, (you can see Ulster from
> the Mull of Galloway!) or an unorganized approach to a sailing ship master
> at a quay in the earlier days. Trying to make the Irish connection is a
> matter of luck in most cases. I have ggparents from Ulster, and lucky
> enough to have a family document with d.o.b and place or at least county.
> But that just takes me back to 1825 and a brick wall in Fermanagh!
> Regards, Crawford.
> On Sat, 5 Jan 2002, CGMcKay wrote:
> > Can I ask someone with much closer familiarity with local records than
> > I have whether there is anywhere to be found in Parish or other
> > records a list of people arriving from Ireland in the above period ?
> > All tips and advice welcome. Craig.
> >

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