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From: "Tom Gray" <>
Subject: RE: Robert Mckay & Georgina Sutherland - Mackay v/s McKay
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 23:42:53 -0000
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Hello Donald,

I won't for one minute pretend to have the answer to your query, but I
can advise the following:

I was born in Aberdeen and my birth certificate "official" spelling is
My G/Mother was born in Fraserburgh and the "official" spelling is
Jessie Ann McKay. The records I have for her brothers birth and deaths
are McKay.

My G G/Father was born in Strathan Melness in Sutherland. On his
marriage certificate in Fraserburgh the spelling is Mackay, however on
his death it is McKay.

Various other relatives have mixed spelling (McKay on one document and
Mackay on another).

The Robert in question (who Liz and I think is a brother to our GG
G/Father Donald McKay) has his name spelt Mackay on the OPR, McKay on
his army record, is McKay in the 1841, 51 and 61 censuses, Mackay in the
1871 census and Mackay on his death record in 1873. The entry
immediately before him is for one Isabel McKay both in the parish of
Tongue and the registrar in both instances is the same.

An instance for my own name is when I bought a mobile phone some years
ago and gave my name as T Gray. The bill came in for T Grey and despite
telling them of the spelling error it still is registered and billed to
T Grey and not Gray.

My opinion is that a lot would have depended on the way the information
was given or received at the time, and the literacy of the individuals

It will be interesting to see the responses you get.

Tom McKay Watson Gray
Aberdeen, Scotland.

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