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From: "Tom Gray" <>
Subject: RE: Robert Mckay & Georgina Sutherland
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 14:31:23 -0000
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I am not sure if Liz has responded to you so here are some of your
questions answered. Perhaps I should explain that Liz and I share the
same GG Grandfather Donald McKay but different GG Grandmothers. Liz
descends from his second marriage to Ann McKay and I am from his first
to Janet Munro.

>Did Robert and Georgina live near Donald at the time of the 1841
Yes. Donald & family appear on p6 and Robert, Georgina and family are
six entries away on p7.

>Am I correct that Donald and Robert were born in Durness?
Yes. Donald and Robert are still in Strathan, Melness in 1851 census and
both give Durness as place of birth.

>Was Robert a Chelsea Pensioner?
Yes. In 1841 census there is a P under occupation and in 1851 his
occupation is clearly listed as a Chelsea Pensioner.

>Do you happen to have the parents names for Georgina?
Her death certificate 8-Aug-1870 give her parents as Robert Sutherland
and Janet Sutherland ms McKay.

>Did Christina, wife of John Mcleod, marry Charles Munro, 2nd husband,
and >live with Robina [Mckay] and John Mcleod?
In the 1881 census Robina is at No 3 Midtown as the Head, married but
using her ms. Husband John McLeod isn't there but William McLeod is
listed as her brother but is in fact her B-in-Law. Charles Munro is
there but listed as Step Father and his wife is called Catherine McKay
listed as mother. I think the relationships are to Robina's husband John
who isn't present. He was a shepherd.

Although we are 99% certain we still need to tie Donald and Robert
together as brothers. Hope this helps.

Tom McKay Watson Gray,
Aberdeen, Scotland.

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