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Dear Gail,
I enjoyed reading you letter about your great grandparents and about Donald
McNeill who came to Australia for about 5 years. Do you know the year when
this might have happened? I would be happy to do some exploring for you.

I would like to summarise your information so that I have a clear picture.
Lachlan McNeill of Cailloch married Mary McLean of Inievay and five children
were produced while they resided on Mull. Say between 1822 and 1830.
They relocated to Tiree where a further five children were born.
One of these was Donald McNeill who married? Anne McPhail in 1869 (this may
not be correct)
They migrated to South Africa in 1880 (Donald age 42 years) where children
were born.
Donald sold his farm in East Cape to his sons (perhaps 30 years later) and
travelled to Australia leaving his wife and children behind.
He stayed in Australia for five years and then sailed to Scotland with his
fare being paid by for by his eldest son.
Donald had a brother Neil and a sister Julia.

Perhaps you can provide a little more information?
If the pattern of the above information is correct then Donald would have
come to Australia in 1910 and returned to Scotland in 1915.

I am the president of the Clan MacNeil Association of Australia and we have
96 families as members covering all Australian states, Norfolk Island, New
Zealand and the USA.
We are an active group and we have carried out a study of McNeill families
living in Argyll during 1400 to 1800 AD.

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Hi All,

My name is Gail Roethlin and I live in Switzerland. I was born in South
Africa, my maternal gt-grandparents, Donald and Mary McNEIL/McNEILL
emigrated there in 1880.

Donald McNeil was the son of Lachlan McNEIL and Mary McLEAN, the daughter of
Lachlan McLEAN and Mary McPHAIDEN (or McFADYEN). According to the OPR for
Kilninian & Kilmore, Lachlan was from Cailloch and Mary from Inievay. Five
children were born to Mary and Lachlan before they relocated to Tiree, where
another 5 children were born, one of which was Donald.

I've have only recently discovered that Donald McNEILL was well into his
sixties when he sold his farm in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, to his
sons, left his wife and family, and disappeared to Australia for about 5
years. His eldest son then had to find the money to pay for his passage
home. The only reason I can think of that would induce an elderly gentleman
to undertake such a voyage so late in life, would be to visit family. I've
been unable to trace his twin sister Julia, or his elder brother Neil in
Scotland, perhaps they emigrated to Australia.

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