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p.s. - the 1871 Census place could be Ardchoirk (just south of Duart)


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> Thanks to all for your help with my McInnes query. First of all apologies
> if I have not complied with the etiquette for the list. I’m relatively new
> to this and take the point that Ian and Jan have made. The details that I
> already have for John and Donald are shown below. Apologies if some of the
> place names are wrongly transcribed. Those of you with a better knowledge
> of the local geography may well be able to correct my errors:
> John McInnes married Mary Graham on 17 June 1858 in the parish of
> Kinlochspelvie. (Statutory Marriages 545/00 0005).John McInnes aged 52,
> residence Lochaline, widower. Parents Angus McInnes, Farmer Dec’d; Mother,
> Margaret McInnes, maiden name McInnes Dec’d. Mary Graham, spinster, aged
> 34, residence Garmenyloch (?). Father Alexander Graham, shepherd. Mother
> Sarah Graham, maiden name McPhail. Witnesses Donald McIntyre and the other
> one I can’t decipher but could be MacPherson.
> Their son, Donald McInnes was born on 19 August 1859 in the parish of
> Kinlochspelvie (Statutory births 545/00 0006). Father John McInnes,
> occupation Mason. Mother Mary McInnes; maiden name Graham. Birth
> registered at Laggan by registrar Neil McPhail.
> At the 1861 census in Kinlochspelvie were:
> John McInnes, aged 57, a mason born in Morvern
> Mary, aged 38, born in Torosay
> Donald, aged 1, born in Kinlochspelvie
> Alexander Graham, aged 26, brother in law of John. A Pauper born in
> Torosay
> The 1871 census shows them living in Torosay at Ardachoul (?)
> John McInnes, aged 73, a Pauper born in Moreven
> Mary, aged 50, born in Torosay
> Donald, aged 11, a scholar, born in Torosay (this is wrong)
> Sarah McInnes, daughter, aged 9, born in Torosay
> Margaret McInnes, aged 7, daughter, born in Torosay
> John died at 9.10pm on 29 June 1871 in the parish of Torosay (Statutory
> deaths 550/00 0005). He was aged 85 and was a pauper married to Mary
> Graham. Cause of death – pneumonia one month. Informant Andrew McLean,
> Ardura.
> I have not been able to trace an entry in the 1881 census for Mary or
> Donald but by 1891 they were still in Torosay at Drumscraig Cotton House
> (?)
> Mary McInnes, Head of household, aged 67; a gaelic speaker
> Donald, son aged 31; a joiner in employment; speaks english and gaelic
> John Graham, brother, aged 55, unmarried; agricultural labourer, in
> employment, born Torosay; speaks english and gaelic
> Alexander Graham, brother, aged 56, a pauper; speaks gaelic; an imbecile
> Alexander Graham, nephew aged 13, scholar, speaks gaelic and English
> I then lose track of Donald until his marriage to Lucy Davis in London on
> 24 July 1901. Why he was in London I have no idea but after his marriage
> he moved to Portree.
> Going back to my original posting Michael replied that he had found an
> entry in the 1841 census for Angus McInnis and Margaret in Lochaline
> village and since John’s marriage to Mary Graham was also in Lochaline
> this increases the likelihood that this is the correct Angus and Margaret.
> The 1841 census also shows the following entry:
> Piece: SCT1841/528 Place: Morvern -Argyllshire Enumeration District: 1
> Civil Parish: Morvern Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
> Folio: 1 Page: 15
> Address: Lochaline Village
> Surname First name(s) Sex Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
> MCINNIS John M 45 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire
> MCINNIS Anne F 55 Argyllshire
> MCINNIS Allan M 15 Agricultural Labourer Argyllshire
> So this could be John’s first marriage and Allan is their son. I can’t
> find any trace in the 1851 census nor can I find death details for Anne
> which would substantiate this particular line.
> I’ll post again as and when I have further information.
> Regards
> Bill
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