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Subject: Re: [SCT-ISLEOFMULL] Registration of events in Mull
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 09:52:04 +0100
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Michael, Thank you for responding. I thought the records would go to Edinburgh though I had it in the back of my mind that they might have gone to Argyllshire in the first instance. In any event where human beings are involved, errors can arise. In the instance I mentioned the birth actually took place on the mainland in Glasgow thought the mother I thought originated in Mull. The parents were actually in service, at Finhaven Castle and his wife in Perth. They were both living in Mull thereafter but the husband had a business in silver plate in Lanarkshire. I thought it of interest that an error could arise in happy circumstances such as a birth instead of grief when an Informant notifies a death.


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: Janet
: Prior to 1855, the Parish Church did the recording.
: >From 1855 onwards, there would have been a Council Office for BDM
: registration. There would have been at least one for each parish. Tobermory,
: Lochdonhead, Bunessan and probably another couple dotted around the island.
: The records would then have been submitted to Edinburgh.
: Many marriages were cross-parish (groom from one, bride from another).
: Families continually moved around the island, and the Census returns will
: reflect the movement (and change of parish name)
: Michael

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