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Prior to 1855, the Parish Church did the recording.

>From 1855 onwards, there would have been a Council Office for BDM
registration. There would have been at least one for each parish. Tobermory,
Lochdonhead, Bunessan and probably another couple dotted around the island.
The records would then have been submitted to Edinburgh.

Many marriages were cross-parish (groom from one, bride from another).
Families continually moved around the island, and the Census returns will
reflect the movement (and change of parish name)

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Subject: [SCT-ISLEOFMULL] Registration of events in Mull

> Can someone tell me please where a resident of Mull would go, in the past,
> to record an
> event, a birth, marriage or death records where the usual residence was in
> Mull? We know
> that mistakes do happen, particularly when the event is a death but does
> any one know from
> what location would the public record have been made? Would a Clerk or a
> Registrar
> actually make a mistake from what was written originally to what went on
> the public
> record?
> The reason for my question is that in a birth record of a family that
> originates in Mull,
> the happy father stated that his marriage was in Torosay. I always
> thought the family
> originated in Mull, but now I wonder. David CAMPBELL b abt 1822, the
> census stated
> Kilfinnichen. His parents Duncan CAMPBELL b abt 1797 and Margaret
> McKINNON b abt 1791
> Kilninian & Kilmore. I've never found where David Campbell's parents
> originated because
> the records are inconclusive. It is possible he was a natural child and
> that there was no
> marriage.
> The question of course is whether the Clerk/Registrar has made this
> mistake.
> Janet
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