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Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 10:52:54 +0100
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Frank, Thank you for these comments. Firstly, where a child was adopted there was never the name of the putative father because it would not have had to be proved. Even where the natural father admitted having sexual intercourse with the mother of the child, I believe there was no obligation to have the father's name inserted, because no one would have known if the mother had more than one sexual partners. I have an idea its been on the government agenda to force the fathers to put their name on the birth certificate, because it means then that he is obliged to maintain the child. I don't think its got to the statute books yet.

I think its important for people to realise where the poster has a male participant.
I note what you say particularly about being able to allow the results to be posted to the website. This is what I am not comfortable with because of the ability for those results to be tampered with. I am not making accusations, its nothing more than a comment on my part. Its not even a fear that the results would be input to Police records. I just don't like the commercialisation factor of it rather than it be a professional service. If any one can tell me the site owners are regulated by a professional body of some sort I would be pleased to know. Of course, it is the customer's choice.
How many people will say "I didn't realise that......." and don't read the small print.


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| Jean
| I live in Canada but was born in Clydebank Scotland in 1932 and came to
| Canada in 1957,my adopted brother was born in Glasgow 1928 and remained in
| Scotland,he died in 1987.HIs son asked me to try and find some living
| relatives.
| Finding his birth mother was easy,as was tracing her ancestors.She died in
| 1965.
| There was no father listed on my brothers birth Registration,so after trying
| a few things without success I sent my nephew a Y DNA kit. from
| When you have your Y DNA tested with familytreedna you can allow them to
| post the results to their website along with an E Mail addy for contact
| purposes.
| You can also post a Gedcom if you wish.
| I can't explain it all in detail,I suggest that you go to
| and see the way it's set up.
| The only reason that I was able to match my nephews Y DNA with the MacDonald
| person is that he had his Y DNA done and it was posted on the list of
| matches along with an E Mail addy.
| Although I have my brothers ancestors starting in Inverness,I don't have his
| natural fathers name,he must have been a MacDonald who was in Glasgow in
| 1928 when he made my brothers mother pregnant...working forward from an
| ancestor is MUCH more difficult than going backwards..can anyone suggest an
| easy way ??...No success yet in finding the fathers name.
| By the way,I'm told that the Y DNA testing done by familtreedna is not the
| same as what the police etc use.
| Frank

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