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I live in Canada but was born in Clydebank Scotland in 1932 and came to
Canada in 1957,my adopted brother was born in Glasgow 1928 and remained in
Scotland,he died in 1987.HIs son asked me to try and find some living
Finding his birth mother was easy,as was tracing her ancestors.She died in

There was no father listed on my brothers birth Registration,so after trying
a few things without success I sent my nephew a Y DNA kit. from

When you have your Y DNA tested with familytreedna you can allow them to
post the results to their website along with an E Mail addy for contact
You can also post a Gedcom if you wish.
I can't explain it all in detail,I suggest that you go to and see the way it's set up.

The only reason that I was able to match my nephews Y DNA with the MacDonald
person is that he had his Y DNA done and it was posted on the list of
matches along with an E Mail addy.

Although I have my brothers ancestors starting in Inverness,I don't have his
natural fathers name,he must have been a MacDonald who was in Glasgow in
1928 when he made my brothers mother pregnant...working forward from an
ancestor is MUCH more difficult than going backwards..can anyone suggest an
easy way ??...No success yet in finding the fathers name.

By the way,I'm told that the Y DNA testing done by familtreedna is not the
same as what the police etc use.


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> Frank: I will start by saying that I know some may take issue with me,
> which is not
> intended to be a pun in any way.
> I know you live in Canada, but, are not adoptees able to trace their birth
> family as they
> are in UK? People dont realise the problems they might face before they
> face them; they
> might not be prepared for what they are to find and having a qualified
> advisor alongside
> them when they trace a birth family is often the best thing to do.
> There's something about advertising a DNA result on a website that I find
> myself not
> comfortable with. Can you tell us more about how you found the perfect
> match with someone
> who had his YDNA tested by the Company? I dont think they - the Company
> that tests the
> DNA - should be able to do this, unless of course its in the small print
> to the
> agreement.
> Janet

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