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From: Merle & Ida King <>
Subject: Re: [SCT-ISLEOFMULL] Mull Genealogy
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 12:33:12 -0600
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Hi Isabella

Welcome to the list and thank you for the posting below. I'm not sure if
this is your family or not but it might be worth exploring.

This is speculation on my part. Anything additional you might add will
be appreciated

Found these baptisims
16 Nov. 1818, Donald McArthur and Mary Cameron, Aintuim KLN twins
Marion McArthur and Catherine McArthur [KLN OPR]. LDS file # 6934223, 7
6 Aug. 1821, Donald McArthur and Mary Cameron, Aintuim Mary McArthur.
18 Jan. 1824, Donald McArthur and Mary Cameron, Aintuim John McArthur.

1841 Census Aintuim KLN:
Donald McArthur 50 Ag. Lab. b. in Co.
Mary McArthur 50
Mary McArthur 15
Donald McArthur 13

1851 Census Aintuim KLN:
Mary MacArthur Head Widow 68 Cottar b. Kilmore
Marion MacArthur dau. Unm. 30 "
Catherine MacArthur " " 30 "
Anne McCallum gr-dau. 4 "
Mary McCallum "
2 "

1861 census KLN
Antuim/Aintuim McArthur Archibald 28 Head Agricultural
Labourer Argyllshire Tyree 4 Married
Antuim/Aintuim McArthur Catherine 40 Wife Argyllshire
Antuim 4 Mar McArthur b Nov 16 1818 d/o above ??
Antuim/Aintuim McArthur Emma 5 Dau Argyllshire
Antuim 4 Euphemia Feb 14 1856
Antuim/Aintuim McArthur Donald 4 Son Argyllshire
Antuim 4 Jun 22 1858
Antuim/Aintuim McArthur Mary 1 Dau Argyllshire
Antuim 4 Nov 26 1859

good luck

Isabella Manson wrote:

>Good evening from New Zealand. I was wondering if anyone might be able to
>help me or point me in the right direction.
>I have had some research done recently on my family tree and find that my
>Great Grandmother Mary McCallum was born in Mull around 1849, but later
>moved to Glasgow to become a domestic servant. Mary married my Great
>Grandfather a Peter Smith in Glasgow.
>I know that her Mother was Janet McArthur, who married Hugh McCallum, farm
>servant and that when he died she married a Mr Campbell.
>I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on these people?
>I am coming to Scotland early in the New Year and would like a trip to Mull
>if the weather permits and if I can find out any more information.
>My Mother used to tell me that Mary McCallum was linked to the gypsies, can
>anyone tell me if that might be so?
>I was born in Scotland and came out to New Zealand as baby, and now would
>like to find some living relatives, no matter how distant.
>Hoping someone can help.
>Isabella Manson
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