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From: Helen Danes <>
Subject: Re: [SCT-ISLEOFMULL] Christmas Greetings
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 23:08:38 +0000
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Happy New Year Ian. We had a nice sunny Christmas here in NZ and about 30 family members around for the occasion. Don't think the list will ever grind to a halt as I heard from a relative in England, a nice young man who shares my Curry ancestry. He found my name on your site and has got quite a lot of information as well. My gggrandmother was Margaret Curry and her sister Ann who married John McDonald in Salen is his connection. He is descended from Ann Curry and John McDonald's daughter Emmy (Amelia) who married Hector McLean, and they ended up in Greenock. I'll check to see whether he uses this website, and if he does he will see this message and identify himself. It was great for you to have your family with you for your first Christmas in tobermory, Helen Reardon (Danes)

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> Subject: [SCT-ISLEOFMULL] Christmas Greetings
> Hi All,
> It's that time of year again and this will be first in Tobermory. I'm
> lucky to have my eldest son, his wife and my only grandchild staying.
> They arrived last Saturday which was good planning as since then the
> weather on the mainland as turned very snowy. Not that we have escaped
> completely. Yesterday my car slid the best part down Victoria Street
> which was scary. Think I will have to look to getting a 4x4 for times
> like this.
> Granddaughter Clara has made great friends with a ewe in the field at
> the back of the house. This ewe was bottle feed to is very friendly.
> She also had her first experience of sledging in my garden. This was
> not a great success. Another year perhaps.
> Last Friday I finished a four night run back stage at the Aros Hall
> panto. This year it was Snow White.
> Not sure what I will be doing New Years Eve yet but I'm sure something
> will be happening. Thats over and above seeing the New Year in round
> the town clock which is followed by fireworks.
> I would like to think that the list is a little busier next year. I
> have a feeling that most researching Mull ancestors might have found
> as much as they are likely to find but please don't give up. That way
> you are certain not to find anything.
> Have a great Christmas and a successful New Year.
> Ian
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