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Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 11:15:38 +0100
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If you are questioning why children of a Church of Scotland or Church of England/Roman Catholic marriage should be raised in the Roman Catholic faith, that is the way it was/is for the marriage to proceed. In more modern times the children might later decide to lapse the Catholic faith. Might it have been to conform to a new way of life in Canada, away from religious conflict, in Scotland in a desire to seek something better. By 1844 there was an Industrial Revolution that drove people to do anything. Maybe The Church of Scotland religion was a snub in the face of the Church of England at that time.


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: Elaine said "If they were Roman Catholic it is unlikely they were from Mull"
: I would like to understand more of the background / history that supports
: this statement. I am not debating the point , I know about the Jacobite
: rebellion.
: My family was Church of Scotland emigrated to Canada 1844 and a son married
: a Roman Catholic and did not change his religion. Those children were all
: raised Catholic. If there was such a division how could that happen? That
: wife died and he remarried a Protestant (Presbyterian)lady. More kids all
: Presbyterian.
: I have a hunch that something occurred and till this day that family bends
: over backwards not to offend their catholic cousins. I have avoided specific
: names and dates as my question is general. But I have them if needed.
: Thanks
: Tom

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