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From: Ian Phillips <>
Subject: [SCT-ISLEOFMULL] Clan Maclean International Gathering 2007
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 06:28:56 +0100

Hi All,

Just back from the Gathering which turned out to be a busy and
interesting week. I have to record with thanks the warm welcome that I
was given. Not having an Maclean ancestors, I was made an honorary
Maclean to attend the event.

Together with fellow list member Jean Whimp from Australia we answered
genealogy questions from the 600 attendees. A few more than attended
MUGG last year. A blog was maintained by for the event to
allow those not able to attend in person, to keep up to date on what
was happing on Mull. Jean and I got to feature on the blog.

For those interested you can see us taking to an attendee at :-

You might even see me sitting under the Tobermory clock enjoying a meal
from the world famous fish and chip shop. That's me next to the dog.

At nine p.m. on the Wednesday evening Jean and I presented a talk on
'Researching your family tree'. Even at this late hour over 70
individuals attended. See for more pictures.

Between us we manged to bring together two sets of two attendees who
shared a common ancestors from the 1700's. The exact relationships have
yet to be established. Two of the attendee took the opportunity of their
visit to get married in Duart Castle.

We were promised a broadband connection in order to help answer queries.
This turned out to be a very weak wireless link to the shop (The
Gallery). Owing to the thick stone walls of both buildings it proved to
be unusable in the Aros Hall. Got some strange looks from folk whilst I
stood outside the Hall trying to receive emails. Sending emails proved
to be near impossible.

After the event I was invited to stay on for a few days with another
list member (Christine Leach of Pennygheal in the Past) . This proved
to be a good move on a number of accounts. First I think it would have
been a little dangerous for me to drive home straight from the event and
had I not stayed on I would have not got to spot my first otter (seen
others but these were found by others). I also got to see a sea eagle
chick being ringed. The chick was born on 2nd May and already weighed 5
kilos. Some baby.

Must away as a mountain of washing, ironing and emails await.


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