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From: "Frances Caple" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 10:42:20 -0000
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>> > If you compare the 12 marker result to someone else who does not have
the same surname, but the scores match, you are most likely NOT recently
related. When we use the term recently related, we are talking about a time
frame within the last 1000 years or 40 generations, a time depth that
accommodates the earliest known use of surnames.

thanks to all for posting I am enjoying this thread BUT....

put this down to female illogic....

does the above mean that although I would have a match with my daughter, as
she is married so we nolonger share the same name and my daughters children
do not share my name that *we* are 'not' DNA related, because if so dna has
just flew out the window for me,

also does it mean that my daughters-in-law now miraculously *share* my DNA
because they 'married' my sons!!!!!!!!

best thoughts

Frances Caple
Isle of Lewis

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