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Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 15:20:15 -0500
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Hi Mary
I think that a Mull DNA project would be especially fruitful,because it is
an Island,and as such may show original inhabitants and those who came

I'm just throwing the idea around at the moment,because the Family Tree DNA
website has many projects on the go and they seem to be very popular.

The chair at the Halton Peel branch of the Ontario Geneological Society
mentioned it one day,she said that it proved that two groups of hers were
related by using DNA.
Elaine Robinson may have more info on this.

It's not that cheap in the long run,but the first 12 marker test is not
expensive,and it can prove that certain groups are related.

My experience with my Y DNA test has proved that I belong to the North West
Irish group,it's called the R1b1c7
The Univ.of Dublin did a project on it.
My problem is to find RECENT McGonigals and variant spellings willing to
take the test.

So far all I know is that I'm definitely a McGonigal and my ancestors
originated in North West Ireland,but further back they could have come from
Spain and/or Europe.
I just have the big picture at the moment with ties to Milesians from
Spain,and/or Nial of the Nine Hostages and a Chief called Conghail which
became Mac Conghail
Thus McGonigal.

A Mull project could have greater potential,because of the number of people
with recent ties and paper trails.

The National Geographic has a "Genographic Project" and has excellent info
on DNA it's web site.

Frank McGonigal Ont.Canada

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> Frank,
> Sounds like a worthwhile project. There are supposedly 2 lots of FLETCHERs
> on Mull - 1 that came from Glenorchy 250+ years ago
> Mary Fletcher Harris
> Canada

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