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From: "frank mcgonigal" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 13:42:34 -0500

Has anyone on the MULL list ever had their Y DNA or Mtdna done ?
I had my Y DNA done some time ago,but that only relates to my Irish McGonigal name,the Y DNA is passed down from father to son,and it must be a male with the same name who gets tested.

I'm thinking of having a Mtdna test done as well,to see what the results would be.
I'm not exactly sure how it works at the moment,but I believe it would trace my mothers McCOLL line etc. from Mull.
I wonder if we could start an Isle of Mull DNA project ?.,both Y DNA and Mtdna.

Frank McGonigal Ont.Canada.

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