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From: Moira MacPhail <>
Subject: Re: [SCT-ISLEOFMULL] Arbuthnot Charles Guthrie FLETCHER of Torosay
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 18:49:13 +1300

Hi Mary

I think you'll find Bob and Ian are talking about two
different people here:

Ian's is Arbuthnot Charles GUTHRIE (1825-1897) the son of
David Charles Guthrie of the Torosay House line.

Bob's is Arbuthnot Charles Guthrie FLETCHER.

There's a really interesting book on Torosay House and the
Guthrie family which gives their family line right back to
David Charles Guthrie (1788-1859). The book explains how
the Guthrie family came to own Torosay Castle (bought by
Arbuthnot when his older brother, James, won the affections
of the girl he had his eye on himself). Apart from the
history of Torosay Castle the book is mainly about the life
of David Guthrie-James (1919-1986), the father of the
current Laird, Chris James. The book is called:

One Man in his Time written by John Robson, published by
Spellmount Limited, 1998

For those of us who did the Torosay Castle tour at MUGG we
had Jaquetta James (who was married to David James) to guide
us and she was just marvellous.


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