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From: "Jean Hammond" <>
Subject: Peter McKellar
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 22:52:07 -0400
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Hello Ian

Since you are visiting on Mull, could I ask you kindly to do a lookup
for me?

I am trying to find where Peter McKellar was born. The only information
that I have on him prior to emigrating to Canada is:

His marriage certificate from Scotlandspeople states he is the son of
Margaret McLean and Colin McKellar and that he was married in District
of Blythewood, Bourgh of Glasgow, on November 28, 1856, at age 26 to
Mary McLeod, age 24, daughter of Ann McLean from Ardgenaig, Mull and
William McLeod from Creich, Mull. The witness at the marriage was
Dugald McKellar.

On IGI Record from LDS, I found Peter McKellar born February 24, 1829
Kilfinichen and Kilvickeon, Argyll (which is the correct time period)
but to parents Dugald McKellar and Margaret McLean., I wonder if
perhaps the names on the marriage certificate are incorrect and that his
father should have been stated as Dugald and the witness as Colin.
Peter McKellar's wife, Mary (McLeod) McKellar was born on Mull and was
baptized September 6, 1828 Creich according to OPR obtained from ROMHC
showing parents as William McLeod and Ann MacLean.

In the 1861 Census Peter McKellar's wife Mary and daughter Ann born
September 8, 1857 at Bunessan (Scotlandspeople) are living with Mary's
mother, Ann McLeod, now a widow, at Tiragoil. Peter and Mary's second
daughter Margaret was born October 23, 1861 also at Bunessan
(Scotlandspeople). As Peter McKellar was a seaman in the Hebrides,
perhaps he was not included in the this census as he was at sea.

Was Peter McKellar born on the Isle of Mull and what was his father's
name. . . .Colin or Dugald?

Thank you.

Jean McKellar Hammond, London, ON

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