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From: "Frances Caple" <>
Subject: Re: [Mull] Re: School Records in Tobermory - 1888 copyright Issue
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 20:09:47 +0100
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>> I don't know but wonder - can a public record be copyrighted ? <<<
the 'powers that be..' would probably say that the copyright protects the
documents and keeps them in the public domain if they were not copyright
then a private person could perhaps purchase records and keep them out of
the public domain, anyone with ancestors from the Dukes of Argyll estates
knows how frustraighting that is!!!!

copyright when used properly is there to protect not to with hold, as I said
small copyright violations are usually ignored but as happened earlier this
year on this list if you get someone being 'greedy' the copyright law can
stop or at least deter them,

>> Information the Mull Museum would not have if it was not passed down to
me by family members. Now they
can copyright that ? <<
no Tom you hold the copyright, it belongs to you and you gave it to the Mull
Museum with the instruction that it is to be shared with visitors to the
museum, if Mull museum can/will not comply with this instruction then you
can ask that your documents be returned, and Jan this is the same with
documents and material you have donated, likewise with anyone else,

if people think there may be difficulty with the sharing of information at
the Mull museum then you can write a letter stating what you expect from the
museum regarding documents you have donated, if the museum does not agree
then they will have to say so, if they accept the letter and documents then
they have agreed, I personally feel it would be a great shame if it came to

>>> There is one point though ... when someone gives an item to an archive,
or museum.....can they not "give" the copyright as well? <<<
I have always been told you can not give away copyright, I have not read
'small print' on the subject and as I said my area is Artistic copyright,
but you do not need copyright unless you want to make money from the
document, if you are given documents or copies of and told you can share
them then that is all you need,
the big difference between this list, the Mull website and Mull museum is
money, this list and the Mull website do not charge, Mull museum does, it
may only be a small amount for running cost and I know lots of volunteers do
lots of hard work, copyright protects income,

I would like to hear from Olive or another member of the mull museum
regarding how much they are willing to share donated documents and other
material from members of this list,

oh one more I know Jan is in Australia and noticed Tom is in USA there are
agreements between our countries, agreements between countries can vary
slightly on each countries copyright laws but they protect, the big problems
with the internet and copyright arise mostly with countries that have little
or no copyright law, also you do not have to register copyright in most
countries it is automatic, as I write this e mail I am creating my copyright
to it, people often put the copyright symbol on work to remind people and
the USA has recommended that people use it more on the web to remind people
from countries without copyright that your work/info is from a country that
has copyright and is protected by international copyright, a serious
criminal will not be deterred but most folks will respect it,

best thoughts

Frances Caple
Isle of Lewis

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