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From: Clan MacArthur <>
Subject: Re: School Records in Tobermory - 1888 copyright Issue
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 23:28:03 -0700 (PDT)
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I don't know but wonder - can a public record be copyrighted ?

Jill Allford

Hello Ida,

I must, like you, apologise for not emailing the list sooner but was a bit
shocked by the original email regarding Copyright.

I am distressed to think that Denise could leave the list over it as the
greater majority of people on this list are very helpful indeed.

As you know a lot of us have donated our genealogical findings to the Museum
and I was a bit concerned that people may think that these donations become
copyright to the Mull Museum. I have donated my information on the understanding
that it would be available to anyone who was interested in the family and I
would expect them to share it about as much as possible. I have every
intention of donating further findings to the Museum as they become available. These
finding don't only cover family but local history comes into it as well, and
although I haven't been lucky enough to have discovered a long lost letter or
cache of Photos, I would be leaving them to the Museum as well if I find a
trunkful hidden in someone's laundry.

I don't think the Museum is aware of the number of members of the Museum on
this website. I am paid up until 2009 and tell all and sundry to call in and
have a look when they go to Mull.

It is a pity that this situation has come up after so many of us had such a
wonderful time on the Island during MUGG. Everyone was so very friendly and we
were able to come away understanding a lot better about how our ancestors had

With Kind regards

Jan Peasnell

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