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From: "Balevulin" <>
Subject: To Moira from The Squirrel at Balevulin
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 08:52:38 +0100
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Good morning Moira!!

Yes indeed, the SS. Inniemore (to quote the book "The Squire of Bentley" by Maudie Ellis
".............was one of the many possession The Squire took over with the Mull estates. She was a fairly large cargo steamer, and carried a certain number of passengers. The Squire ran her (though at a loss) for the benefit of the island people, and for the convenience of those living at points at which the MacBrayne steamers did not call. The Inniemore was registered in Glasgow, where J. McLauchlan ( the son of the Tiroran gamekeeper) lived and acted as the ship's agent, his brother holding a similar position at Oban..........................."
There is a lot more of the quotation if you are interested.

For those who don't know who the Squire was................she was Mrs. Cheape, whose husband purchased the estates of Tiroran and Carsaig from the MacLean of Pennycross in about 1894. When her husband's finances suffered a collapse, she took over the estates herself. She had been given the name of "The Squire" , as she inherited the Bentley Estate from her father - the previous Squire. Her name became very well known on the island as a much-loved landowner and friend to many. The name is still in evidence here today... and is still held in great esteem.

Moira - please remind me which Archibald we're talking about....squirrels don't have good memories you know.....think of all those forgotten hoards of nuts!


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