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From: Alison McIntyre <>
Subject: Re: [Mull] Re religion
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 22:29:34 -0500

Some things also depended upon which province they were in. It is my
understanding that at one time Baptist ministers could not perform
marriages in Quebec. I don't know the exact dates. My great grandparents
(Baptist) were married by a Methodist minister in Quebec.

I'm also interested in the Baptists from Mull. My gg-grandparents were
Alexander McCallum and Catherine McGilivray from Mull who lived in
Lochaber, Quebec. They attended the Baptist church in Clarence, Ontario
until they could establish a church across the Ottawa River in Thurso,
Quebec. The ostensible reason was that it was difficult to cross the
river at some times of the year. My great grandfather transferred to the
church in Clarence from Chatham, Quebec, and was later one of the
founding members of the Baptist Church in Cumberland, Ontario.The church
minuit books make very interesting reading.

Do records exist from the Baptist churches of Mull, especially from the
Ross of Mull?

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