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Subject: Re: [Mull] Re religion
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This is an interesting area concerning our ancestors. At least in a few
cases I believe that those who came to Canada responded to whatever
religious authority was available to them. If an Anglican priest was the
only one who could marry them then that was their religion at least for that
day and perhaps later.
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> Hello William, Thank you for coming forward with this positive
> information. What an exciting family yours must have been. I believe
> there's still a wee bit of rivalry, though not on the same scale as
> before. I had an idea there was a McLean rivalry also.
> Janet
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> Dun/Dunn, Angus
> Sherret, Kincardineshire
> Chester, Glasgow
> Rowat, Campbell, Argyll
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>> The Clan Campbell was very much a Protestant clan and not Catholic as
>> mentioned. The Campbell clan fought against the Jacobites at Culloden
>> and there were many other incidents which had a religious background to
>> them. It is only in recent years that marriages between the two
>> religious denominations became more acceptable. My gandfather Campbell
>> married a MacDonald lady although not without problems and I consider
>> myself lucky to have the best of both worlds as these are/were two of the
>> most prominent clans in the Highlands of Scotland!
>> Bill Campbell
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