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Thanks Ian.

The quote from Hilary Peel's book refers to the changes in the1700's. Mull ceased to be a single Parish about 1690 - the date of the Revolution Settlement (ie the abolition of the Bishops which restored the 1592 Act which acknowledged Presbyteriamism as the polity of the Scottish Church.)

The quote from the Statistical Accounts says :

"The several [numerous] parishes into which the
island of Mull was divided in times of Popery, were
all united at the Reformation, and called the parish of
Mull. It was then a part of the presbytery of Lorn.
About the time of the Revolution [in 1688, or thereby],
all that part of Mull N of the Tarbert or Isthmus at Aross
was erected into a [United] Parish, called the [Parish] of
Kilninian and Kilmore ..."

I'm afraid the question "Where was the Parish Church of the Parish of Mull [pre 1690] located" still remains. It certainly wasn't those at Kilninian or Kilmore as they weren't built until1754 nor the 3 new churches agreed upon in 1777 which were those for the Parishes of Salen, Kinlochspelve and Torosay (at Craignure).
Many thanks

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Hi Les,

Extracts from Hilary Peel's Salen Church Book :-

Chapter 1

It was at this 1727 Synod that a suggestion was made thta the Presbytery of
Lorm , first erected as the Presbytery of Kilmore in 1638, should be split into
two because of the difficulties and dangers of travelling to meetings. The
first suggestion was to revert to the old name and to call one part the
Presbytery of Kilmore and the other the Presbytery of Aros, this latter to
emcompass Mull, Morven, Ardnumurchan, Coll and Tiree. However, the two
presbyteries actually became 'Lorne' and 'Mull' and the minutes of this new
Presbytery of Mull begin with a meeting in Inverary in August 1729.

The 1729 Synod of Argyll Minutes reported that the money they had given for
building "a meeting house" at Pennygown had had to be supplemented by
contributions from the Parish in order to make "the said house
sufficient". ........

Chapter 2


At first presbytery decided that considering "the populousness " of the
Pennygown / Salen area the new "large house" for worship should be built there.
But in March of 1777 the presbytery met agian - this time in the Achnacraig
(Grasspoint) area which was at the other end of the parish. For the first time
they actually "perambulated the several places proposed for the stance of a
church" and, having done this "maturely considered" where best to put
it. ......

As a result they decided on the necessity of building not one but three new
places of worship. One was to be at Salen, one at Kinlochspelve and the third
at Craignure.

So it looks like there was never one single Mull church.

Don't know if this helps you any.

If you would like to borrow the book, please supply address and I will post it
to you.

All the best,


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