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Subject: Re: [Mull] Re: David Stewart
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 08:27:47 +0930
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Hi David,
The "parish N should have been "County N" i.e. he was not born in Argyll.
There is still a well kept Kinlkochspelve cemetery. I think Ian may have
reproduced Jo's map of Mull which shows Kinlochspelve on the road to
Lochbuie and on the edge of the loch.
From the census introduction:
"Kinlochspelve was erected into a parish quoad sacra in 1834 being the
government district attached to the church at Kinlochspelve since 1828 (part
There are three enumeration districts within the parish and your Stewarts
are in district 2

545 Kinlochspelvie District 1 So much of the parish ofKinlochspelvie quo ad
sacra formerly part of the parish of Torosay as lies between Glenbyre, Moy
and Laggan.

545 Kinlochspelvie District 2 So much of the parish if Kinlochspelvie quo ad
sacra formerly part of the parish of Torosay as lies between Glenlibadil,
Barchendrorn, and Kinledespelvie and Ardura

545 Kinlochspelvie District 3 The rest of the parish of Kinlochspelvie quo
ad sacra formerly part of the parish of Torosay lying between Faolimancruban
and Aogan

The household in many cases was not numbered on the original census, but the
different households shown with a double line to separate them . I
couldn't find a way to put this onto access so I gave each one a number to
indicate that it was in the same household and so the records would stay in
the same order as on the census. The actual census also shows those that
belonged to the one family within the household with a single line. (i.e.
where there was more than pone family inthe household) I have not
represented this on the table. However in the Stewarts case they are the
only ones from outside the county and all the rest of the house seem to be
In the 1851 census the Kinlochspelvie manse is occupied by
Angus McIntyre born Ft William age 37
Hannah McIntyre wife born Prince Edward Island age 29
Norman 6 son born Glasgow
Elizabeth 5 daughter
Jane 4 daughter
Hannah 1.5 daughter.
(last three born locally)
So it looks like Stewart has departed by then OR moved to another part of
there are 48 Stewarts in North Mull in places such as Aros, Bealachruach,
Dervaig, Kentallen Ledmore Salen Tobermory and Ulva. Ian has set up this
info to better do a look up in any of these for you.

1841 Census
ID# District# Page# Locality H'hold# Surname First Name Age M Age F
Occupation Born this parish
168 2 1 Kinlochspelve 3 Stewart David 40 Clergyman N
169 2 1 Kinlochspelve 3 Stewart Ann 40 N
170 2 1 Kinlochspelve 3 McLaine Archibald 25 Male Servant Y
171 2 1 Kinlochspelve 3 Livingston Mary 13 Female Servant Y
172 2 1 Kinlochspelve 3 McPherson Hector 40 Grasier Y
173 2 1 Kinlochspelve 3 McPhail John 30 Grasier Y

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> Hello Ian,
> I am very interested in the posting from the 1841 census below, which
> DAVID STEWART, clergyman, Kinlochspelve. This might be one of my
> connections.
> Can you, or someone on the list, answer some questions?
> Where is Kinlochspelve?
> It states "Parish N" -- the other people are listed "Parish Y". Where is
> Parish N? or what does that mean?
> What does the house number mean --was there a village?
> What church would it be? and would there be church records I could check
> out?
> Do ANN and DAVID STEWART appear on the 1851 census?
> My DAVID STEWART was born January 30, 1803 in Appin. I thought the age
> given on the census, 40 years, made it close to when he was born. The
> reason I thought that he might be one of my connections is that his sister
> FLORY STEWART lived on Mull after she married.
> Hope to have feedback from the list -- comments or suggestions.
> Many thanks.
> Joan Calderwood Northcott.

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