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Subject: Cameron, Currie/Curry, Clow and McDougall of Mull
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 13:46:10 EDT

Apologies, my previous email failed to send its attachement - so i have
pasted it in.

Dear All,

I have recently joined the list and am amazed by all that is going on. So I
thought I'd widen my query to see if anyone can help me with my other names
(Clow, Curry/Currie and McDougall.) I have the following info (please feel
free to use it or add it to exisitng info). Thanks to all who have responded
to my Cameron call and I'll look forward to seeing what this one brings in.


Can anyone help with the parents of Jannet Curry (also spelt Janet and
She was born ABT 1779 in the Parish Of Torosay/Kinlochspelve. I am also
searching for the parents of Allan Cameron born ABT 1780. Allan Cameron and
Jannet CURRY married and had 8 children (Listed below). I would also like to
get their date of marriage and death dates fort them and their children.

1. Ean CAMERON was born 1799 in Parish Of Torosay/Kinlochspelve, Argyll
2. John CAMERON was born 1799 in Parish Of Torosay/Kinlochspelve, Argyll
3. Duncan CAMERON was born 1802 in Parish Of Torosay/Kinlochspelve, Argyll
4. Archibald CAMERON was born 15 MAR 1804 in Parish Of
Torosay/Kinlochspelvel, Argyll,
5. Duncan CAMERON b: 1804 in Parish Of Torosay/Kinlochspelve, Argyll
6. Anne CAMERON b: 1806 in Parish Of Torosay/Kinlochspelve, Argyll
7. Allan CAMERON b: 1808 in Parish Of Torosay/Kinlochspelve, Argyll
8. Samuel CAMERON b: 1811 in Parish Of Torosay/Kinlochspelve, Argyll

Assume that the first Duncan died. Asume that Duncan 2nd and Archibald are
twins and that Ean and John are twins, but may simply be English and Gaelic

Jane Waddell and Dougald/Dougal McDougall

Jane Waddell married Dougald McDougall on the 6th June 1828. Dougald
McDougall was a shoemaker. I am not certain, but wondered if Dougald or his
family came from Mull. So would be delighted if anyone can help with that.

Children of Jane Waddell and Dougald McDougall are:

1. BARBARA C. MCDOUGALL 27 DEC1830 in Glasgow Lanark
2. JEAN CRUM MCDOUGALL 31 MAY1833 in Glasgow Lanark
3. CATHERINE MCDOUGALL 5 APR1837 in Glasgow Lanark
4. Rachel Bates McDougall who was born 1848 in Glasgow Lanark

Allan Cameron & Rachel Bates McDougall

Allan Cameron married Rachel Bates McDougall the 5th of March 1867 at 51
Clyde Street Port Dundas, Glasgow. He was 27 years old and she was 19 years
old. Allan was a Wood Sawyer and Rachel was a Milliner. Allan's residence
was 26 George Street Glasgow and Rachel's 5 Glassford Street Glasgow. Allan
was a widower (as yet we have been unable to trace his first wife or if there
were any children by this marriage). The witnesses were Robert Whyte and
Barbara C. McDougall, her sister. Rachel McDougall who was born in 1847/8.
Her parents were Jane Waddell and Dugald McDougall.

Children of Allan Cameron & Rachel McDougall are:

1. Allan Cameron born 1875
As yet unable to trace others

Has anyone come acros any Clow's on Mull?

thansk liz

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